Brett GOllumfun Johnson : AlphaBay…Did the Feds really get the Ringleader? My conversation with Ranklez.

September 6, 2017

|Brett GOllumfun Johnson


Cybercrime and Identity Theft Professional Speaker / Consultant at AnglerPhish.com

Seems the story of AlphaBay isn’t quite over yet.  Well, it is as far as major media is concerned.  It’s also over as far as law enforcement seems concerned.  Oh, there will be arrests for the next few months because of evidence gathered from the AlphaBay servers, but as far as the shutdown is concerned?  Doesn’t seems the Feds care much.  Why would they?  After all, they told everyone they had arrested the head guy, Alexander Cazes—the founder of AlphaBay.  Of course, that guy went on to hang himself in a Thailand jail.  Guess we won’t be hearing his side of the story anytime soon.

Everything seems to be sewn up neat and tidy.  Federal authorities are happy, claiming they got the founder/ godfather and some of the higher ups.  The Press?  The Press didn’t seem to care at all.  During the News Conference where Jeff Sessions announced the closure of the largest online crime network in the world NOT ONE REPORTER ASKED A SINGLE QUESTION ABOUT ALPHABAY.  Nope, they were too concerned with Russians influencing the election to ask about a crime network of 240,000 members.   

Here is the thing, though.  The story isn’t over.  Members of AlphaBay and other online criminal networks still question the account of the closure as detailed by the Government.  I was ready to put AlphaBay to bed as well.  Oh, I still had huge reservations about the governments account, but I didn’t have anyone that had any real information.  Then Ranklez showed up.

Who is Ranklez?  Ranklez is an old timer.  His story is one that is familiar to the cybercriminals who came up through the ranks, learning the hard way, bit-by-bit, until he got to the point that he was very good at a variety of different online crimes.  He told me he entered into cybercrime and hacking not knowing much of anything, literally homeless.  A respected member took Ranklez under his wing, supplying him with food gift cards so he could at least eat.  Ranklez slowly built himself up from there.  Today?  He is VERY competent.  He is so good and trusted within various groups  that he helps one of the best, longest running, stolen credit cards vendors in the business, Redson, run his market, RSCLUB.  Redson has dealt in credit cards (cvvs) for years.  Buyers everywhere know that Redson means quality.  For Redson to have Ranklez on RSCLUB speaks a lot about the staus Ranklez holds.  Ranklez was also on the Agora staff, and involved in some manner with every darknet fraud site of merit in recent memory.  So yeah, this guy knows his shit.  He is also respected in the community.  Meaning?  He has gained a reputation of being a stand-up guy, of having high level skills, and of being a man of his word.  Basically, when he speaks you might want to listen to what he has to say.

Ranklez contacted me two weeks ago.  He had sent an email to me which simply said, “Cazes wasn’t Alpha”.  He asked me to get on Jabber to talk to him. 

Let’s break away for a moment.  I want to recount the bust of ShadowCrew and how it could well relate to the AlphaBay closure.

ShadowCrew was started by myself (GOllumfun), Set Sanders (Kidd), and Kim Taylor (Macgyver).  Seth didn’t really run anything there, and he was the first of we three to quit.  Macgyver got himself arrested and I promptly banned him.  You would think that meant I was the last of the three.  Nope.  I quit on April 15th, 2004.  In a bizarre twist, Macgyver returns literally as I’m walking out the forum door.  Our forum techie, Albert Gonzalez, reinstates him.  I leave and Macgyver sticks around for a few more months until he is arrested AGAIN.  Anyway, ShadowCrew makes the front cover of Forbes in August, 2004.  The cover read, “Who is Stealing your Identity?”  It was all about ShadowCrew.  Then, on October 26, 2004 the United States Secret Service arrest 33 shadowcrew members in 6 countries in about 6 hours.  I was the only one who got away—supposedly.

Of course, when the indictments came down on those 33 arrested, the Feds labeled me, Kim, and Seth as the ringleaders, right?  NO.  The Feds said that the people who were in charge of ShadowCrew at the time of the bust were also the people who started it.  Anton Mantovani, David Appleyard, and eventually Albert Gonzalez were fingered as the architects of ShadowCrew.  Completely false.  Certainly, the Feds knew it wasn’t true.  When I was picked up a few months later it was evident they knew who had started ShadowCrew.  So why did law enforcement and prosecutors finger guys who had been in charge for just a few months?  I have never been told.  But my theory is that the Feds needed to hang the blame on someone; it wouldn’t look good to bust a site and then say you hadn’t caught or charged the guys who started it.  And, to be fair, we were all criminals.  Not like the Feds charged innocent people.

In my case, the Feds busted a site and then said someone was the founder who clearly wasn’t.  Could the same thing have happened with AlphaBay?  Could the Feds have arrested the guy who was in charge of AlphaBay at the time and laid the blame for everything on him, even though he wasn’t the founder, wasn’t the real Godfather?  According to Ranklez, that is exactly what happened.

Ranklez and I talked for a few hours and keep in touch still.  I have edited the conversation concerning AlphaBay, removing some of the extraneous, nothing else.  Probably the best way to do this is simply list important items Ranklez mentions and comment on it as we go along.  The conversation will be below those comments because, in truth, most of what Ranklez says is important to understand the AlphaBay narrative.

–Ranklez says he was the fellow who originally doxed Alpha02.  Ranklez still claims that Rainer Bachl is Alpha02.  Says that Alpha02 tried to cover the Dox by releasing the name Michael Calce.  Because of that action of Alpha02’s, his attitude, and argument over money, the Rainer Bachl name is released.  The result?  Alpha02 deletes his reddit account.  The Alpha02 name on AlphaBay is replaced by “Admin”.  Alpha02 soon “retires”.  The person named Rainer Bachl?  That guy leaves the country with his wife, stops using Facebook, all kinds of stuff.

Comment:  A few things here.  First, The Alpha02 name paid several thousand dollars in blackmail money to keep the name Rainer Bachl silent.  That is a fact.  No one questions that Alpha02 paid blackmail money.  It is catalogued on Reddit.  I have said it before and I will say it again:  Why pay blackmail money for incorrect information?  It doesn’t make sense.  Also, looking at Rainer Bachl’s Facebook page.  There is a photo of a graphic saying,”Alpha02”.  Also, Rainer for years owned a web development company.  The name and web address of that company?  http://www.alpha02.com.  Rainer Bachl has yet to surface since that time.  So where is he?  Was he arrested and is now cooperating with law enforcement?  Or was he questioned and nothing ever happened? 

–Most members agreed that DeSnake was in Thailand.  That is why when the Cazes article of him hanging himself surfaced people labeled him as DeSnake.  The government claims Cazes was Alpha02.  They claim that Cazes was the sole founder and architect of AlphaBay.  Meaning, that DeSnake and Alpha02 must be the same person.  BUT….

–Ranklez points out something that most forum members knew about Alpha02:  He was a carder.  On TCF and Evolution websites he always discussed his carding exploits.  He also was always looking for good credit cards to purchase and bought from a variety of sellers.   DeSnake? DeSnake sold cards.  So why would Alpha02 need to purchase credit cards from various sellers if he was also DeSnake?  He would have had access to countless cards already.  Ranklez also sold Alpha02 fullz. 

–Ranklez created a timestamp program to track Alpha02.  Claims the program was so good that he could tell when Alpha02 went to lunch.  Also says he did the same for DeSnake and the times were vastly different.

–Ranklez says he also had conversations on Jabber with DeSnake and Alpha02 at the same time.  Granted, it is possible to run two Jabber conversations under different nicknames at once.  But Ranklez is adamant that these conversations were two different people.

–Ranklez states that he believes Rainer got scared after the DOX and sold his interest to DeSnake.  Interesting that I and a high level security researcher were discussing that very thing days after AlphaBay went dark.

–Ranklez threatens Rainer at one point directly.  Rainer pays several blackmail installments.

Those are some of the points made during this conversation.  Reading the points as I have written doesn’t carry the same weight as reading Ranklez speak about them and explain them.  I urge readers to read over the conversation.  It carries the ring of truth.  The fact that Ranklez is a well known, respected member, that he knew Alpha02, that he spoke directly to Rainer Bachl, that he has had a hand in so much for so long?  His view and opinion on AlphaBay may be the most accurate available.

(3:13:14 PM) @exploit.im: Give me a few moments I’m the one who originally doxed alpha02
(3:13:25 PM) @exploit.im: And discovered the rainer bachl and stuff icards
(3:13:26 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: ok. im here
(3:13:37 PM) @exploit.im: You remember the popcorn sunday thread over reddit?
(3:13:44 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: I do, yes
(3:13:58 PM) @exploit.im: I can send you a message from that reddit account..
(3:14:25 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: gotcha
(3:14:35 PM) @exploit.im: Today I help run Rsclub.
(3:14:41 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Ah
(3:14:45 PM) @exploit.im: Disc0? Not arrested.
(3:14:51 PM) @exploit.im: Chilling on a beach exchanging.
(3:14:58 PM) @exploit.im: We have been friends for years.
(3:15:09 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: You sure about that? He contacted lsm yesterday. seems fishy
(3:16:12 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: so what the hell is going on with Rainer and feds saying cazes is alpha?
(3:18:10 PM) @exploit.im: Disc0 has always been fishy.
(3:18:58 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: gotcha. Just seemed since he was absent and then came back felt wrong. Very similar to being arrested and then the feds taking a while to get him out to work
(3:19:42 PM) @exploit.im: That is just Disc0 bro.
(3:19:42 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: but more important–Rainer. If Rainer is Alpha–what the hell is going on with the feds?
(3:19:47 PM) @exploit.im: You remember commx?
(3:19:51 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: I remember
(3:19:53 PM) @exploit.im: Evolution?
(3:19:58 PM) @exploit.im: He was the_funk.
(3:20:05 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: I was on evolution.
(3:20:18 PM) @exploit.im: Me as well, I was First/Heinrich.
(3:20:28 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Ha! I remember you
(3:20:39 PM) @exploit.im: Who the hell is LSD anyways?
(3:20:45 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: I was more low key then. Only buying. name was dannyb0y
(3:21:28 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: No idea who LSM actually is. Says he was original doxxer of Alpha. Says kinger ripped him off
(3:22:41 PM) @exploit.im: He wasn’t bro.
(3:22:51 PM) @exploit.im: But how to begin this? I would like a good article published.
(3:23:03 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: You got it
(3:23:07 PM) @exploit.im: About Rsclub and all of this in the mix, the right article the right story from the right person.
(3:23:13 PM) @exploit.im: To help promote.
(3:23:30 PM) @exploit.im: I would prefer my real jabber to not be discloed.
(3:23:33 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Can you verify you are helping run RSclub?
(3:23:51 PM) @exploit.im: Yes
(3:23:52 PM) @exploit.im: brb
(3:26:00 PM) @exploit.im: So you can ready on the rsclub forums in the butchery shop thread that the admin tells people to contact me if there is a problem, contact ranklez.
(3:26:08 PM) @exploit.im: I can pm you from Ranklez jabber.
(3:26:23 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Ok. Will contact Ranklez this evening, ok?
(3:26:30 PM) @exploit.im: Ok
(3:26:36 PM) @exploit.im: So how do you want to start this.
(3:26:47 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Heres the deal.
(3:27:31 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Have spoken with New York TImes, Wired, lots of folks. THey are running with Cazes being Alpha02. Im the only one still out there who is saying it doesnt feel right
(3:27:38 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: so I need some type of evidence
(3:28:13 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: I WANT to get the story out there.
(3:29:07 PM) @exploit.im: Well, when alphabay first launched I made a python script that dumped all of his time stamps on his posts, it crawled alphabay.
(3:29:27 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: You still got that info?
(3:29:28 PM) @expoitim: I put it all together to a graph, my graph was very good, you could even see when he took his lunch.
(3:29:35 PM) @exploit.im: I don’t this was years ago.
(3:30:07 PM) @exploit.im: This time placed him in a few areas. 1 Third World Asia. 2 Poland. 3. Siberia. 4. Germany.
(3:30:15 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: ok
(3:30:23 PM) @exploit.im: Back on TCF, I also use to sell to him Canadian Fullz.
(3:30:34 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Cazes or Rainer?
(3:30:38 PM) @exploit.im: Anyways, we were talking over jabber one day and I showed him the graph. He was like oh!
(3:30:44 PM) @exploit.im: Alpha02 handle.
(3:31:10 PM) @exploit.im: ” I was working on a script that scrambled my post times every 5 minutes, let me go finish that real quick. “
(3:31:35 PM) @exploit.im: Then hours later Desnake pops up in my box. ” Show me my graph, now! ” I want to see my graph, i know you got a graph on me. Show me?
(3:31:52 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: So definite connection
(3:32:09 PM) @exploit.im: Yes, you said over reddit people do not pay out black mail money over assumptions.
(3:32:19 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: right. I believe that
(3:32:25 PM) @exploit.im: You can see over reddit, that they paid me out black mail money, it’s in images in alpha02’s own words.
(3:32:55 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: So where is Rainer? Under LE control?
(3:33:05 PM) @exploit.im: I use to speak with these 2 individuals a-lot, for example a-lot of the original alphabay ideas were stolen from me throughout my conversations with these people.
(3:33:36 PM) @exploit.im: Rainer, i believe got scared after the whole debacle, and really did sell his postion to Desnake. I had a phone call conversation with him one time before I posted the reddit stuff.
(3:34:08 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: THAT is what I and a couple other security guys believe. Rainer sold to Desnake
(3:34:18 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: But where is the money trail
(3:34:19 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: ?
(3:34:21 PM)@exploit.im: Yes bro, this is what happen.
(3:34:32 PM) @exploit.im: Money trail? How do you follow a private deal?
(3:34:59 PM) @exploit.im: Rainer got whatever he wanted after Desnake took control, he never had to work again and prolly still does not.
(3:35:03 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: BTC transactions. DeSnake couldnt pay for it upfront, right? WOuld have to send payments, yes?
(3:35:20 PM) @exploit.im: Desnake had a-lot of money back than.
(3:35:38 PM) @exploit.im: I’m sure at that time they could have afforded many of there desires.
(3:35:42 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: So you think he paid Rainer outright?
(3:35:52 PM) @exploit.im: Maybe there are some payments in the future, out of tribute and love.
(3:36:02 PM) @exploit.im: But it’s bitcoin, it’s hard to trace.
(3:36:09 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: But LE would have spoken to Rainer at some point. So is Rainer still a free man?
(3:36:25 PM) @exploit.im: I don’t think they have ever spoken to him.
(3:36:48 PM) @exploit.im: They may have watched him for some time, but figured out they were wasting there time and moved on.
(3:37:07 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Doesnt make sense. FBI would have followed up on the Rainer connection. THat is common FBI Opsec
(3:37:21 PM) @exploit.im: I threatened rainer at one point with sending the feds on him.
(3:37:42 PM) @exploit.im: Alpha02, he sent me some payments, and next week he ended up dodging me.
(3:37:50 PM) @exploit.im: Avoiding me, so I mad a big deal about it and made this threat.
(3:38:09 PM) @exploit.im: He said well, if I left my PC un-encrypted I would be giving them evidence on a silver platter.
(3:38:26 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Was Rainer ever in North America? On the TCF days there was an Alpha02 North America connection
(3:38:31 PM) @exploit.im: Then a few weeks later he changed the account from alpha02 into admin, so if they did come talk to him.
(3:38:40 PM) @exploit.im: It is likely that he traveled.
(3:39:38 PM) @exploit.im: They likely had nothing on him, and at that point he decided to turn everything over to Desnake. But I use to speak with both of them quite often over jabber, Desnake being very rude to me. Alpha02 being very helpug.
(3:39:57 PM) @exploit.im: He would manipulate disputes for me, and do various other things on the marketplace for me.
(3:40:11 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Why? Because you had his info?
(3:40:13 PM) @exploit.im: Desnake wouldn’t do anything, at one point Desnake kept banning my forum accounts.
(3:40:28 PM) @exploit.im: I would ask alpha02 very kindly in a unthreatened manner to unban me and he would.
(3:40:48 PM) @exploit.im: He would make strong suggestions for me to make a new handle every time. And eventually I did, but he always took my side in the end.
(3:40:53 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: When do you think Alpha sold to DeSnake?
(3:40:56 PM) @exploit.im: Desnake, always being spiteful to me at the bengging.
(3:41:14 PM) @exploit.im: When he turned the account into admin and alphabaymarket.com are whatever went online.
(3:41:26 PM) @exploit.im: I think it went online around the same time that he turned the account over.
(3:41:35 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: ok. You think Desnake knew alpha in real life before that?
(3:41:56 PM) @exploit.im: It’s possible, at first I didn’t even try to blackmail alpha for money.
(3:42:09 PM) @exploit.im: I tried to blackmail him for a postion in alphabay, and he said he would have to talk to desnake about it.
(3:42:20 PM) @exploit.im: And he said I’ll just tell him you’re a friend of mine from irl.
(3:42:20 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: ok.
(3:42:28 PM) @exploit.im: Can you code? Etc, what can you do he kept asking me.
(3:42:53 PM) @exploit.im: I think at some point alpha told desnake I had doxxed him and they had come up with a plan to protect him.
(3:43:05 PM) @exploit.im: And just blatantly started to outright ignore me.
(3:43:09 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Im trying to answer the question why the Alpha02 posts before Alphabay went live centered around North American Carding Fraud. BH Photo, spoofing that type of thing
(3:43:32 PM) @exploit.im: When you do fraud, you make much money, you want to go see the world.
(3:43:49 PM) @exploit.im: A man in his postion likely went to go see the world bro and spent time in various placed.
(3:44:02 PM) @exploit.im: On TCF he was buying canadian fullz during much of his time.
(3:44:05 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: So spent time in US and carded in the US
(3:44:11 PM) @exploit.im: Rainer is from Germanay, he has Canadian Dilect.
(3:44:19 PM) @exploit.im: I traced him back to clearnet forums.
(3:44:20 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Right. I remeber his time on TCF
(3:44:27 PM) @exploit.im: There is nobody on the clearnet pretnending to be alpha02.
(3:44:43 PM) @exploit.im: If you google the name all forums where this name appears fall into a very select few catagories.
(3:44:46 PM) @exploit.im: Carding, real estate
(3:44:49 PM) @exploit.im: And coding
(3:44:59 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: YES! The real estate connection.
(3:45:00 PM) @exploit.im: In his bible guide, he mentions he owns real estate.
(3:45:06 PM) @exploit.im: alpha02.com
(3:45:14 PM) @exploit.im: Any real company would write there logo as Alpha02.com
(3:45:20 PM) @exploit.im: Alpha was obesseded with the lower case a
(3:45:35 PM) @exploit.im: Rainer seems to follow this obsession as well, and I once found a forum where it is a community.
(3:45:47 PM) @exploit.im: He used the word ” doesn’t he live with his mum? “
(3:45:56 PM) @exploit.im: In the pop corn sunday thread he told alpha02.
(3:46:01 PM) @exploit.im: Aloha02 told icard.
(3:46:08 PM) @exploit.im: ” I bet you live in your mums basment. “
(3:46:15 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Yeah, Alpha’s account of carding BH Photo mentioned the real estate aspect
(3:46:22 PM) @exploit.im: Coding forms all relate back to CMS content managment systems.
(3:46:27 PM) @exploit.im: Alphabay was a CMS.
(3:46:57 PM) @exploit.im: Yes, so in retrospective let’s say alpha02 stole this name to make it a set up.
(3:47:03 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: right. So why are the feds so insistent on saying Cazes is Alpha02?
(3:47:16 PM) @exploit.im: So you’re telling me when he signed up for TCF back then, that he expected all of this?
(3:47:35 PM) @exploit.im: Kill all there birds with 1 stone?
(3:47:45 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: not at all. Back then he didnt know alphabay was even going to exist. he was just a fraudster
(3:47:54 PM) @exploit.im: He never expected all of this.
(3:48:01 PM) @exploit.im: He never had a dream about all of this.
(3:48:01 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Right. And he talked too much
(3:48:07 PM) @exploit.im: He never had a epiphany about all of this.
(3:48:12 PM) @exploit.im: It just fell into his lap – all of this.
(3:48:22 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: i agree. right place at the right time
(3:48:26 PM) @exploit.im: Then Desnake ended up jumping on board.
(3:48:37 PM) @exploit.im: Desnake ran multiple forums before alphabay and he was selling cvv’s.
(3:48:47 PM) @exploit.im: Why was alpha02 buying cvv’s if he is desnake and he could just hack cvvs’?
(3:48:48 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: So Rainer starts the site. DeSnake comes in for programming?
(3:48:56 PM) @exploit.im: Desnake comes in for security.
(3:48:59 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: right
(3:49:12 PM) @exploit.im: Programming and security are 2 diff things.
(3:49:20 PM) @exploit.im: Anybody can make a market. But it’s the security that matters.
(3:49:25 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: You are right. No need for him to buy Cvvs if he was Desnake
(3:49:56 PM) @exploit.im: Exactly…..
(3:49:56 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: You got any saved conversations, screen caps, anything?
(3:50:03 PM) @exploit.im: But we all know alpha02 was buying cvv’s.
(3:50:11 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: I agree. he was buying
(3:50:13 PM) @exploit.im: Bro, in this world we do not log conversations.
(3:50:17 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: HA!
(3:50:28 PM) @exploit.im: And I haven’t spent any time talking to alpha02 since the popcorn sunday thread.
(3:50:48 PM) @exploit.im: I use to have all this shit, but years have passed payments where made to make me forgot. I live quite a comfartable life.
(3:51:29 PM) @exploit.im: As for Alex and stuff, I’m not to sure if I believe that was desnake. I think it was a setup.
(3:51:30 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: It is what Ive been thinking, but no supprt
(3:51:43 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: See, I think Alex was DeSnake
(3:51:49 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: The software on the server
(3:51:53 PM) @exploit.im: I don’t think Desnake was that stupid.
(3:51:56 PM) @exploit.im: Email in a header?
(3:51:57 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: related to Cazes company
(3:52:04 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Email header is bullshit
(3:52:12 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Story to hide the truth
(3:52:19 PM) @exploit.im: It’s all bullshit, they have no truth.
(3:53:16 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: It is either some exploit which the feds dont want public. Or they arrested the Real Alpha02 and he ratted Cazes out. but I think Cazes was Desnake
(3:53:38 PM) @exploit.im: What about this hansa shit.
(3:53:45 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Exploit
(3:53:45 PM) @exploit.im: You remember how they posted tehy wanted vendors?
(3:53:48 PM) @exploit.im: That image?
(3:54:10 PM) @exploit.im: You do notice they will not release the names of any of the people? That they arrested?
(3:54:16 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: I remember. Im leaning toward an exploit. Something along the lines of what Canegie Mellon pulled
(3:54:17 PM) @exploit.im: Why?
(3:54:25 PM) @exploit.im: They didn’t do this with alphabay, sheep, sr1 or sr2.
(3:54:44 PM) @exploit.im: They boasted about it, where all over the media. But now, they just wont say shit? and it goes down instantly after alphabay?
(3:54:57 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: SR1. Rememebr Freedom hosting went down because of the Mellon exploit
(3:54:58 PM) @exploit.im: I think it could have been a honeypot from the start, it does not really make sense.
(3:55:22 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: COuld be honeypot.
(3:55:57 PM) @exploit.im: Yes, as for Alex and Desnake. If alpha02 had ratted on anybody they would have done this a long time ago.
(3:56:17 PM) @exploit.im: I cannot really explain things that have nothing to do with me but I can strand by assumption.
(3:56:24 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: ok. What name you want me to use for you in the article?
(3:57:02 PM) @exploit.im: You can use Rsclub
(3:57:09 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: gotcha
(3:57:20 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: I appreciate you talking to me about this
(3:57:28 PM) @exploit.im: Do you have any questions
(3:57:54 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Im not for people getting locked up. Im just trying to use my knowledge to make a legal living. I will do right by you
(3:58:16 PM) @exploit.im: Disc0 for example is a good friend, and what I mean by he has always been fishy is he has never commited an act of fraud here, but for some reason he is here. Back on community x, he would always bitch and complain about how willy.clock didn’t trust him, this and that.
(3:58:26 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: No questions. You are confirming a lot of what I thought
(3:58:50 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: THink dosc0 is actually a criminal?
(3:58:54 PM) @exploit.im: That is when he was the_funk, me and disc0 were pretty good friend. I’ve had some dark moments in my past before I got to where I am today.
(3:59:06 PM) @exploit.im: Well bro, if he wasn’t and he was LE I should be in jail right now.
(4:05:35 PM) @exploit.im: Another thing about alpha02.
(4:05:37 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: You mind if I keep in touch with you? Wont ask anything weird or any shit like that
(4:05:44 PM) @exploit.im: If you go into a wayback timemachine.
(4:05:48 PM) @exploit.im: Ya I’m always here.
(4:06:02 PM) @exploit.im: And look at alpha02.com it use to be a website programming and coding business.
(4:06:10@exploit.im: with alpha02 in lowercase as the logo.
(4:06:22 PM) @exploit.im: If you go back and look at websites he designed they all looked like shit bro.
(4:06:23 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Yeah, I saw the alpha02 business
(4:06:32 PM) @exploit.im: And at the bottom of them all it says ” Designed by alpha02 “
(4:06:43 PM) @exploit.im: Around and before he ever registered to TCF he was doing this.
(4:06:51 PM) @exploit.im: Alphabay market is buetiful.
(4:06:56 PM) @exploit.im: Great, looks amazing.
(4:07:01 PM) @exploit.im: I would be proud if I made it.
(4:07:10 PM) @exploit.im: At the bottom it says ” Proudly designed by alpha02. “

(4:07:22 PM) @exploit.im: If you understand math and stuff like me.
(4:07:47 PM) @exploit.im: You’ll start to understand there is a point where it’s impossible for there to be to many coincidences.
(4:07:55 PM) @exploit.im: coincidences begin to become a fact
(4:08:10 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: I agree. There comes the tipping point
(4:08:19 PM) @exploit.im: So yes bro, Desnake and Alpha02 are not the same person.
(4:08:38 PM) @exploit.im: To people like us we question that, but to a majority of people they will go with whatever the feds say.
(4:08:50 PM) @exploit.im: The feds insisit about it, because they got the entire website and the servers.
(4:08:54 PM) @exploit.im: There job with that, is pretty much done.
(4:09:06 PM) @exploit.im: Who cares if alpha02 originally made it and is off chilling somewhere?
(4:09:18 PM) @exploit.im: They got everything els, they might really have 0 on alpha02 and dont want to waste there time.
(4:09:22 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: If you think of anything else–please let me know. Im going to be on pretty constant from here on out
(4:09:24 PM) @exploit.im: One thing the feds don’t do is waste there time.
(4:09:30 PM) @exploit.im: Like how they told thailand
(4:09:38 PM) @exploit.im: When they wanted to do a autoposy
(4:09:40 PM) @exploit.im: USA said don’t both
(4:09:50 PM) @exploit.im: They were happy either way, dead or alive they were just happy AB was dead.
(4:09:53 PM) @exploit.im: Ok i will
(4:10:10 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: yeah. They did the same with me and Shadowcrew when they shut us down
(4:14:09 PM) @exploit.im: I was pretty close to desnake and alpha02 had many conversations with them.
(4:14:20 PM) @exploit.im: I can prolly confirm most things people tell you about then.
(4:14:31 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Again, thank you for talking to me.
(4:14:37 PM) @exploit.im: no problem
(4:14:50 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: Will keep you updated. I will start on this tonight
(4:14:55 PM) @exploit.im: Just call me rsclub
(4:14:56 PM) @exploit.im: Sure
(4:14:59 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: will do
(4:15:01 PM) @exploit.im: I will be here if anything comes to light
(4:15:17 PM) gollumfun@jabb3r.de/f7b334d9-4e09-4f48-8444-ce364193f1eb: thanks again. With that–I will talk to you later then

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I am one of the top experts in the world on cybercrime. My knowledge is unique. My education does not come from a book, school, investigator, or commentator who has no practical experience on the subject of which they speak. I have hands on training. My knowledge is from the criminal side of things. I have an understanding of cybercrime that the vast majority of people on the planet will never possess.

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