World Gold Council Published today: Gold-backed ETF holdings increased by 22.4t in September

Gold-backed ETFs increased by 22.4t in September to 2,357t in global holdings


Welcome to the monthly analysis of gold-backed ETFs and similar products, where you will find detailed information and insight on global trends of gold investment demand through ETFs.

Regional fund flows

  • In North America investors added 36.0 tonnes(t) (+$2.5bn, +4.7% AUM) of gold through funds listed in the region
  • There were outflows in Europe worth 12.0t (-$229mn, -0.57% AUM) over the month
  • Asia funds lost 1.7t (-$57mn, -1.7% AUM) with most of the region’s gold-backed funds losing assets

Individual fund flows

  • SPDR® Gold Shares led flows in September accounting for 60% of gross global inflows while iShares Gold Trust added 5.2% to its AUM
  • Gold Bullion Securities, listed in London, lost 8.0t (-$312mn, -7.3% AUM)
  • Two Swiss-related funds had meaningful gains: ETFS Physical Swiss Gold 0.9t (+$44mn, +8.1% AUM, iShares Gold CHF Hedged ETF 0.6t (+$29mn, +8.2% AUM)

Year-to-date trends

  • Global gold-backed ETFs collectively hold 2,357t, as funds added 191.9t of gold, equivalent to $7.5bn so far, this year. This represents an increase of 7.7% of global AUM from December 2016
  • North American gold-backed funds are catching European funds in global growth in 2017, but still trail 38% to 57%
  • Inflows into SPDR® Gold Shares and iShares Gold trust overtook German-based ETFs Xetra-Gold and db Physical Euro Hedged ETC year-to-date


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