Helen Edwards: Australian Public seeks help from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II & the International Criminal Court – The Hague

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To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and ICC – The Hague,
In October 2015 I contacted the Governor General (Sir Peter Cosgrove), as per correspondence below in relation to fraudulent transactions relating to early 2011 and all the money being laundered via our financial institutions to start with the Commonwealth Bank (now a global scandal), Australia Post (scandal to come) and Western Union (admitted guilty to AML etc breaches early 2017 – Remission of $586m in the USA).
As a courtesy I was letting the Governor General know that I was collating a report to send to Her Majesty, of all the ‘Public Servants’ of Government Agencies, Regulators and Law Enforcement that I had been in contact with since December 2014, including our last Prime Minister – Tony Abbot, Treasurer Joe Hockey, current Prime Minister – Malcolm Turnbull and Treasurer Scott Morrison, who have either ignored, have no idea, are incompetent or outright do not want to help me as per the correspondence I have received from them. 
I was advised by someone that Her Majesty the Queen had been removed from our ‘Constitution’ and there was no point reaching out to Her Majesty, so I never pursued that further back then.  Until now, I have since learnt this is under investigation by many and now seek Her Majesty to help us her public.
Her Majesty, since early 2015 I have progressed my own investigation as not one person in a “Responsible and Accountable” role will help and no “Australian Media” will speak up for the public and all continue to ignore and look the other way.
I have now uncovered a whole lot more after been given the guidance by the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS (USA) to “Follow the Money” who I met at the Asia Crime Summit in Singapore, January 2016.
Her Majesty, I believe the Governor General has failed to act using his Reserve Powers – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Governor-General_of_Australia.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I am now requesting the ‘Governor General’ be investigated and potentially replaced for failure to take action, for the care and safety of the public of Australia to begin,
*All correspondence and evidence available for a court case in which I have now begun to inform the ‘International Criminal Court – The Hague’ under Rome Statute Article breaches, due to an entire countries negligence to its people and to further world terrorism risk.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the International Criminal Court – The Hague, please help us.
Sincerest regards
Dear Ms Edwards

I refer to your recent email to the Governor-General.  His Excellency has asked me to reply to you on his behalf.

I am sorry to read of the difficulties that you are experiencing.  I regret to advise however, that the Governor-General cannot become involved in matters that have been or may come before a court.

May I suggest that you seek help from your General Practitioner or Lifeline if you feel overwhelmed by your situation.

I hope you are able to find a satisfactory resolution to this situation.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Murtagh
Deputy Official Secretary to the Governor-General

Correspondence for: The Governor-General
Subject: My audit report of Australian govt being mailed to our Queen – FYI
Dear Governor General,

It is with much disappointment and regret to have to finally bring this to your attention.

I was a target of an organised crime ring and have lost all I had due to blackmail, extortion and death threats.  I became a target after sharing my project to help over 100 million people who need a wheelchair via social media.

I nearly ended my life late last year but made it through and since reporting my horrific experience December 2014 to the authorities after finally having the courage to come forward, have uncovered much incompetence and of over forty government agencies having either no clue or not wanting to help and I have had to do my own investigation.

After receiving legal counsel advice in June 2015 I was advised to have all this raised via an Adjournment Debate and not one member of our government that I have contacted will assist.

I have uncovered millions in CASH going offshore to who knows what possible terrorist group and three major Australian companies – Australia Post, Western Union and the Commonwealth Bank have not done a single thing to stop this over years.

I am now collating my findings of:

1. Fraudulent fee income being received by these companies in which the cash transferred all went to fake identities from Australian victims.
ATO ref – 1012876738880 / FOS ref – 406723 / 408218 & 408219 I have a list of all the reference numbers in my audit report.

I have also recently connected with another 20,000 that we know of having been through a similar experience.  Our next steps via local media and Avaaz.org

2. It seems not one of these companies reported to AUSTRAC and if they had why has no government agency ever come to me – lots negligent here I believe.

3. The Commonwealth Bank have allowed over one million in fraudulent cheques to go via my account and no one ever came to me after all this suspicious behaviour after nearly 4 years of this continuing.  They still cannot locate evidence of one of these cheques.

Why has not one internal audit / compliance dept or external audit company ever picked this up?

For your information as I am getting no action or results from anyone even at the highest level (Prime Minister) have decided to send my own audit findings to our Queen.

This is a courtesy email to let you know I will be mailing this to her in the coming weeks.

Now living and working out of Australia due to all that has happened.

Kind regards

Caring for the safety of Australia and the world.


Helen has been influential in bringing about systems, process and cultural change within some of Australia and Asia Pacific most iconic, publicly listed companies. Helen extensive investigation into cybercrime has led to uncovering global corruption in which is her primary focus is now to work with relevant global regulatory agencies to remedy. Specialties: Helen has the ability to assimilate complex information and distil the essential elements needed to produce positive outcomes. Helen most significant strengths are leadership, stakeholder management, global networking, mentoring and fostering collaboration within and between teams. Helen is an experienced Senior Change, Cutover & Project Manager with 25+ years IT/SAP/ERP Project and consulting experience. Helen has worked in various project capacities including P&PM Program Organisational Change Manager, Business Readiness Project Manager, Readiness Partner, Business & Systems Analyst, SAP functional and Training Consultant


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