U.S. and China Hold Second Counter Nuclear Smuggling Consultation

Media Note

Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
November 9, 2017

The United States and China convened their second nuclear smuggling consultation on November 9th in Shanghai to reaffirm their joint commitment and continued resolve to counter the threat of nuclear terrorism. The consultation was the culmination of a weeklong engagement, beginning with a tour highlighting the operations of the radiation detection system at the Port of Yangshan and a scenario-based policy discussion focused on U.S. and Chinese response to a fictional smuggling scenario.

During the meeting, U.S. and Chinese experts from their respective diplomatic, policy, law enforcement, and technical communities exchanged views on the threat of nuclear smuggling and explored opportunities for the two sides to work together to address this challenge. At the conclusion of the dialogue, both sides agreed to enhance their cooperation to promote international best practices and build capabilities to counter nuclear smuggling.

Chaired this year by U.S. Department of State’s Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nonproliferation Programs, Philip Dolliff, and Deputy Director General of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Arms Control Department, Ms. Dong Zhihua, this meeting reflected the importance that both countries place on securing nuclear and other radioactive materials, and countering the smuggling of such materials and demonstrated their commitment to international nuclear security.

For further information, please contact Maria Dudding at ISNPressQueries@state.gov or visit www.state.gov/t/isn, Twitter @StateISN and Facebook @StateDepartment.ISNBureau


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