Why does Germany propose to sanctioning countries that do not accept refugees?

Germany proposes cutting funds for countries that do not accept refugees and why?

Europe looked terrified the biggest wave of refugees and their dramas. Most of the refugees want a single destination…. Germany. Who makes the selection of refugees to tell where to go and who stays? Who all support their maintenance costs if the Eastern European countries have financial and social internal problems?

Sending refugees is not like colonizing the planet Mars.

Why not Germany exerts its influence on politics besides the great friend Russia and finds solutions if it still wants the role of European leadership?Is the problem of refugees not the urgent issue of countries in Eastern Europe where fear of terrorism and terror is justified?

Germany, France and Belgium with all the more tenfold resources could not prevent terrorist attacks and other serious problems!
How will they prevent terrorist attacks?, attacks against honest refugees by extremists? How can these refugees be integrated? There is no European consensus on refugees, there is no transparency of money, long-term programs, who deals with what money, how long will this situation last?

Refugees will quietly land and their lives back not life in tents and centers with care if they stay there. Refugees are not animals to send for exhibition or move like objects from one country to another.




Robert Williams

Editor in Chief



Categories: Politics

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