Robert Williams: World terrorism

New war with the various groups like A lQaida and other, develop imagination of some people and others. Unfortunately there is no room for James Bond. Terrorism is a very strong virus last century. Iraq, Syria, Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan and others do no more than confirm the need for firmness.Teaching in the hands of the political power in Kabul and Baghdad meant a failure .These tribes began fighting a long time to come Europeans . What makes you think that they have a respect for peace, democracy and prosperity?

The war in Ukraine, is terrorism in the heart of Europe information.It is a great mistake of Europe and America to have confidence that Ukraine will overcome Russia as a lance. Former Communist countries still may be the Trojan horse in the heart of the Alliance.
Cyprus, Greece and Hungary have shown on the face as their interests are far more important than the war in Ukraine.

France has supplied military vessels despite the restrictions of the Alliance.
ISIS? I’m fine thanks. Have the newest Nissan SUVs, Toyota and other cars very expensive for some Bedouin. They make mass executions, and watching TV after political leaders who then lie their peoples.
What kind of terrorism is now?

Financial terrorism, media, political and military faorte methods are expensive and uncontrollable. The world can not find peace in negotiations of the façade. It takes consciousness, truth and peace for the next generations.


Robert Williams

Editor in Chief

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