DoD Announces Enterprise Management of Community Services Task Force Director

June 21, 2018

DoD Announces Enterprise Management of Community Services Task Force Director

The Department of Defense announced retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Keith L. Thurgood, as task force director of the Enterprise Management of Community Services reform initiative under the Office of the Chief Management Officer.

The establishment of the task force, slated for early July, was directed by the Deputy Secretary of Defense on May 29. The task force will perform financial due diligence, business case analysis, and organizational and operational integration planning to form a corporate umbrella for the defense resale enterprise. It will also consider retention of military-service unique branding and equities. This work will take several months to complete and is the first phase in the department’s reform agenda for enterprise delivery of all military Community Services programs.

“We have a significant opportunity to improve the commissary and exchange system by leveraging efficiencies in the back office aspects of the enterprise while completely preserving the benefit to the uniformed members, their families, and our veterans,” said John H. Gibson, II, Chief Management Officer. “With General Thurgood’s leadership, understanding of the customer experience, and private sector experience in the retail space, the task force will evaluate our potential to generate efficiencies and scrutinize the above-the-store business aspects of the exchange system, with a goal of validating and defining our execution plan for the way forward.

Thurgood has more than 28 years of military service, coupled with significant private sector accomplishments. In addition to serving as the chief executive officer of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service from 2007 to 2010, Thurgood held executive positions at PepsiCo & Frito-Lay Inc., Sam’s Club, Overseas Military Sales Corporation, and MedAssets Inc. He will be on sabbatical from his current position as clinical professor at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Thurgood’s assignment with the task force is expected to take effect later this month. He could serve up to two years.

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