Theresa May: Gareth Southgate and the @England boys have done a fantastic job, and I wish them all the very best of luck tonight. #ENGCRO #ThreeLions #WorldCup2018 0:11 176 replies 125 retweets 608 likes Reply 176 Retweet 125 Like 608 Direct message Jeremy Corbyn ‏ Verified account @jeremycorbyn 38m38 minutes ago More England’s diverse group of footballers have been a credit to the nation during this #WorldCup. And it’s great that they’ve supported @SRTRC_England. Wishing them the best of luck against Croatia #ShowRacismtheRedCard #ENGCRO 60 replies 284 retweets 902 likes Reply 60 Retweet 284 Like 902 Direct message 🌵ArizonaKat🌵 liked TRUMP News 24/7 ‏ @MichaelDelauzon 6h6 hours ago More TRUMP News 24/7 Retweeted Fox News Everyone should watch this. You can hear the NATO guys sphincter slam shut!TRUMP News 24/7 added, 2:00 Fox News Verified account @FoxNews .@POTUS on NATO defense spending: “It’s very unfair to our country, it’s very unfair to our taxpayer. And I think that these countries have to step it up not over a 10 year period— they have to step it up immediately.” 5 replies 60 retweets 113 likes Reply 5 Retweet 60 Like 113 Direct message Donald Trump Jr. liked Ivanka Trump ‏ Verified account @IvankaTrump 2h2 hours ago More Ivanka Trump Retweeted Fox News Read my OpEd on Paid Family Leave in advance of today’s Senate Finance hearings: #PFLIvanka Trump added, Fox News Verified account @FoxNews OPINION: @IvankaTrump: Paid family leave is an investment in America’s families — It deserves bipartisan support 798 replies 1,013 retweets 4,336 likes Reply 798 Retweet 1.0K Like 4.3K Direct message Secretary Pompeo ‏ Verified account @SecPompeo 33m33 minutes ago More .@NATO is the most successful alliance in history. All #NATO allies have committed to extending this success through increased defense spending, deterrence and defense, and fighting terrorism. Weakness provokes; strength and cohesion protects. This remains our bedrock belief. Ambassador Sondland, US Mission to the EU, US Embassy Brussels and US Mission to NATO 245 replies 379 retweets 884 likes Reply 245 Retweet 379 Like 884 Direct message 🌵ArizonaKat🌵 liked The White House ‏ Verified account @WhiteHouse 7h7 hours ago More President Trump met with the Secretary General of NATO this morning. Check @realDonaldTrump to see the message he delivered. 443 replies 815 retweets 3,653 likes Reply 443 Retweet 815 Like 3.7K Direct message 🌵ArizonaKat🌵 liked Tony Shaffer ‏ Verified account @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y 54m54 minutes ago More Tony Shaffer Retweeted Mollie People who were involved in the Fusion GPS issue simply need to go to jail…Tony Shaffer added, Mollie Verified account @MZHemingway FBI agent Peter Strzok wrote that Fusion GPS’ Glenn Simpson gave him a copy of the dossier. Simpson told Senate Judiciary Committee that he never communicated with FBI. 32 replies 361 retweets 622 likes Reply 32 Retweet 361 Like 622 Direct message President of Russia ‏ Verified account @KremlinRussia_E 3h3 hours ago More Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia paid homage to Saint Sergius and Saint Herman, founders of the Valaam Monastery 22 replies 104 retweets 305 likes Reply 22 Retweet 104 Like 305 Direct message Ted Cruz ‏ Verified account @tedcruz 43m43 minutes ago More US Senate candidate, TX Ted Cruz Retweeted Stephen King Limousine liberal @StephenKing preaching socialism (but not his millions!) to Texas is pretty scary, kinda like Carrie riding Cujo, chopping through a door with an ax and saying “heeeeeeeeere’s……..Johnny!”Ted Cruz added, Stephen King Verified account @StephenKing Hey, Texas! I suppose you’re going to re-elect Ted Cruz, but I hope you don’t. Beto O’Rourke is mega-cool. Smart, too. Also, jeez, do we have to look at Ted for another six years? The mind reels. 369 replies 432 retweets 1,509 likes Reply 369 Retweet 432 Like 1.5K Direct message Oana Lungescu ‏ Verified account @NATOpress 6h6 hours ago More Read #NATO SG @jensstoltenberg’s full remarks to the meeting w/ President Donald Trump @POTUS : #NATOSummit 0 replies 20 retweets 21 likes Reply Retweet 20 Like 21 Direct message Maria Bartiromo and 🌵ArizonaKat🌵 liked Rep. Jim Jordan ‏ Verified account @Jim_Jordan 13h13 hours ago More Lisa Page ignores congressional subpoena, once again showing the double standard. One set of rules for regular Americans, a different set for the Swamp! 7,653 replies 13,675 retweets 30,500 likes Reply 7.7K Retweet 14K Like 31K Direct message AntiCorruptionDigest ‏ @anti_digest 6h6 hours ago More Anti-Corruption Daily Newsletter for 07/11/2018 – 0 replies 1 retweet 0 likes Reply Retweet 1 Like Direct message Donald J. Trump ‏ Verified account @realDonaldTrump 2h2 hours ago More I am in Brussels, but always thinking about our farmers. Soy beans fell 50% from 2012 to my election. Farmers have done poorly for 15 years. Other countries’ trade barriers and tariffs have been destroying their businesses. I will open… 3,972 replies 6,474 retweets 26,973 likes Reply 4.0K Retweet 6.5K Like 27K Direct message Show this thread Ari Fleischer ‏ Verified account @AriFleischer 2h2 hours ago More If Europe (and its defenders in the US media) don’t like the way Trump is treating them on NATO, they have only themselves to blame. For decades they ignored our “polite” presidents. Their decades-long habit of making empty promises gave rise to Trump. The bill is due. 384 replies 1,941 retweets 4,884 likes Reply 384 Retweet 1.9K Like 4.9K Direct message Chris Hayes liked ☭amanda rose☭ ‏ @argoats Jul 10 More don’t 👏🏻call 👏🏻yourself👏🏻 a👏🏻 male 👏🏻feminist 👏🏻if 👏🏻u 👏🏻haven’t 👏🏻abandoned👏🏻 your 👏🏻cod👏🏻 fishing 👏🏻expedition 👏🏻to 👏🏻prevent 👏🏻women👏🏻 from 👏🏻being👏🏻 burned 👏🏻at 👏🏻the👏🏻 stake 96 replies 2,819 retweets 11,092 likes Reply 96 Retweet 2.8K Like 11K Direct message Show this thread ACSEL – HubDigital ‏ @AcselDigital 7h7 hours ago More L’Acsel & les beaux jours : la Grande enquête du Numérique, le Cybersecurity Cocktail et le cycle #ReinventWork… – …Translate Tweet 0 replies 0 retweets 3 likes Reply Retweet Like 3 Direct message Paul Ryan ‏ Verified account @SpeakerRyan 36m36 minutes ago More Paul Ryan Retweeted House Republicans It’s been two years since @HouseGOP offered the people a positive, unified agenda, a #BetterWay. We’re delivering on our promises, and the American people are #BetterOffNow. Watch live →Paul Ryan added, House Republicans Verified account @HouseGOP We’re LIVE to deliver the latest on our work this week in the House. Tune in now → … 236 replies 28 retweets 91 likes Reply 236 Retweet 28 Like 91 Direct message Oana Lungescu ‏ Verified account @NATOpress 5h5 hours ago More We cannot take the transatlantic bond for granted, we must work every day to keep it strong – SG @jensstoltenberg #NATOEngages #NATOSummit 1 reply 12 retweets 18 likes Reply 1 Retweet 12 Like 18 Direct message Ivanka Trump liked Ronna McDaniel ‏ Verified account @GOPChairwoman 28m28 minutes ago More Thank you @IvankaTrump for your commitment to fighting for working families! 32 replies 35 retweets 94 likes Reply 32 Retweet 35 Like 94 Direct message Guy Verhofstadt ‏ Verified account @guyverhofstadt 2h2 hours ago More The only answer the Europeans can give at the #NATOSummit is to launch a European Defence Community which will also be a solid European Pillar within the Alliance. Europe should not be completely dependent on someone who is as reckless as Donald Trump. 135 replies 296 retweets 807 likes Reply 135 Retweet 296 Like 807 Direct message Donald Trump Jr. liked Fox News ‏ Verified account @FoxNews 7h7 hours ago More .@POTUS: “It certainly doesn’t seem to make sense that [Germany pays] billions of dollars to Russia and now we have to defend them against Russia.” 241 replies 1,048 retweets 3,551 likes Reply 241 Retweet 1.0K Like 3.6K Direct message David A. Clarke, Jr. ‏ @SheriffClarke 8h8 hours ago More “Lisa Page, the former anti-Trump FBI lawyer WHO WAS BRIEFLY part OF SPECIAL COUNSEL ROBERT MUELLER ’S TEAM, will not attend a Congressional hearing for which she had been subpoenaed…” How did she end up originally part of Mueller’s team? THE FIX WAS IN. 285 replies 1,788 retweets 3,950 likes Reply 285 Retweet 1.8K Like 4.0K Direct message 🌵ArizonaKat🌵 liked TRUMP News 24/7 ‏ @MichaelDelauzon 1h1 hour ago More FLOTUS moments ago arriving at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, an elite music academy in Waterloo to participate in the spousal program, which includes a tour, concert & fashion exhibition featuring local designers ❤️ 8 replies 104 retweets 222 likes Reply 8 Retweet 104 Like 222 Direct message NBC News ‏ Verified account @NBCNews 42m42 minutes ago More “I’m telling the truth … To think that I would not stand up for my athletes is ridiculous,” Rep. Jordan says Wednesday in response to allegations that he knew of sexual abuse by Ohio State team doctor. 262 replies 55 retweets 72 likes Reply 262 Retweet 55 Like 72 Direct message Oana Lungescu ‏ Verified account @NATOpress 7h7 hours ago More We have many issues to discuss, incl defence spending. We all agree we have to do more. The good news is that Allies have started to invest more in defence – #NATO SG @jensstoltenberg #NATOSummit 0 replies 12 retweets 19 likes Reply Retweet 12 Like 19 Direct message CBS News ‏ Verified account @CBSNews 3h3 hours ago More “Germany is totally controlled by Russia”: President Trump took a few jabs at Germany during a combative breakfast kicking off a NATO summit in Brussels. 438 replies 237 retweets 376 likes Reply 438 Retweet 237 Like 376 Direct message Forbes liked Kim Kardashian West ‏ Verified account @KimKardashian 1h1 hour ago More CONGRATS ⁦@KylieJenner⁩ 🔥🔥🔥 491 replies 7,340 retweets 47,668 likes Reply 491 Retweet 7.3K Like 48K Direct message Laura Ingraham ‏ Verified account @IngrahamAngle 3h3 hours ago More America elected @realDonaldTrump bc they were tired of being played for fools by govt elites at home and abroad. This isn’t 1975. Our alliances will only remain strong if they are based on honesty & transparency. 545 replies 2,144 retweets 8,298 likes Reply 545 Retweet 2.1K Like 8.3K Direct message Oana Lungescu ‏ Verified account @NATOpress 7h7 hours ago More [LIVE] #NATO SG @jensstoltenberg meets w/ President Donald Trump @POTUS @realDonaldTrump at the start of the #NATOSummit: 0 replies 26 retweets 26 likes Reply Retweet 26 Like 26 Direct message 🌵ArizonaKat🌵 liked Ari Fleischer ‏ Verified account @AriFleischer 3h3 hours ago More NATO SECRETARY GENERAL JENS STOLTENBERG: “NATO Allies has to invest more in defense, and that’s not exactly what they’re doing.” The head of NATO said that this morning. He knows it. Europe knows it. Everyone knows it. NATO nations need to increase their defense spending. 119 replies 702 retweets 1,779 likes Reply 119 Retweet 702 Like 1.8K Direct message Maria Bartiromo liked Byron York ‏ Verified account @ByronYork 3h3 hours ago More Could be love between NYT and Avenatti: ‘Blatant blue eyes…9 percent body fat…cheeks and chin Cubist in their geometry…his face, steely and composed…’ 147 replies 105 retweets 372 likes Reply 147 Retweet 105 Like 372 Direct message ABC News ‏ Verified account @ABC 6h6 hours ago More “Germany is totally controlled by Russia”: Pres. Trump issues blistering attacks on Germany at NATO breakfast. 585 replies 409 retweets 654 likes Reply 585 Retweet 409 Like 654 Direct message Oana Lungescu ‏ Verified account @NATOpress 3h3 hours ago More The #NATOSummit Opening Ceremony is about to start 0 replies 15 retweets 18 likes Reply Retweet 15 Like 18 Direct message Pope Francis ‏ Verified account @Pontifex 3h3 hours ago More Europe rediscovers hope when the human person is at the heart of its institutions. St Benedict, pray for us! 233 replies 2,349 retweets 12,679 likes Reply 233 Retweet 2.3K Like 13K Direct message 🌵ArizonaKat🌵 liked TRUMP News 24/7 ‏ @MichaelDelauzon 1h1 hour ago More FLOTUS along with other leaders spouses get a tour of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Waterloo ❤️ 0 replies 24 retweets 56 likes Reply Retweet 24 Like 56 Direct message Metropolitan Police ‏ Verified account @metpoliceuk 3h3 hours ago More Man jailed for #Regentstreet moped robbery … 26 replies 35 retweets 87 likes Reply 26 Retweet 35 Like 87 Direct message Jeremy Corbyn for PM ‏ @JeremyCorbyn4PM 4h4 hours ago More We are ready for a Labour government under @jeremycorbyn ▼ 4 replies 32 retweets 49 likes Reply 4 Retweet 32 Like 49 Direct message David Burke ‏ @ConservativeTht 52m52 minutes ago More I’m hearing rumblings that Brett Cavanaugh isn’t the “perfect” candidate. NEWSFLASH: There is no “perfect” Supreme Court candidate. These are human beings. But compared to the alternate scenario: Hillary Clinton nominating a 6th Liberal Justice, Judge Cavanaugh is dream come true 5 replies 39 retweets 57 likes Reply 5 Retweet 39 Like 57 Direct message Oana Lungescu liked Rose Gottemoeller ‏ Verified account @Gottemoeller 4h4 hours ago More Super way to start the day, opening #NATOEngages. We’re bringing together leaders & experts from around the world, young and old, to discuss our key security challenges. Follow #NATOEngages or visit for the latest info. WIIS Brussels, German Marshall Fund and Atlantic Council 2 replies 29 retweets 59 likes Reply 2 Retweet 29 Like 59 Direct message Oana Lungescu ‏ Verified account @NATOpress 5h5 hours ago More VIDEO #NATO SG @jensstoltenberg wraps up #NATOengages session with @barbarastarrcnn just now talking about unity despite the differences. #NATOSummit 0 replies 11 retweets 21 likes Reply Retweet 11 Like 21 Direct message Donald J. Trump ‏ Verified account @realDonaldTrump 2h2 hours ago More …things up, better than ever before, but it can’t go too quickly. I am fighting for a level playing field for our farmers, and will win! 4,254 replies 5,073 retweets 23,868 likes Reply 4.3K Retweet 5.1K Like 24K Direct message Show this thread Oana Lungescu ‏ Verified account @NATOpress 7h7 hours ago More After years of cuts in defence budgets, Allies are now adding billions, & last year we saw the biggest increase in defence spending in a generation – #NATO SG @jensstoltenberg #NATOSummit 0 replies 10 retweets 14 likes Reply Retweet 10 Like 14 Direct message Laura Ingraham liked Brit Hume ‏ Verified account @brithume 49m49 minutes ago More Brit Hume Retweeted Bill Kristol I suppose you can also be pro-tax cuts, pro deregulation, pro-defense increases, pro gun rights, pro-life and anti-Trump. But at some point, it begins to seem ridiculous.Brit Hume added, Bill Kristol Verified account @BillKristol You can be pro-Kavanaugh and anti-Trump. Show this thread 382 replies 1,102 retweets 3,754 likes Reply 382 Retweet 1.1K Like 3.8K Direct message Oana Lungescu ‏ Verified account @NATOpress 5h5 hours ago More The #EU cannot replace #NATO when it comes to the defence of Europe, but European efforts on defence can strengthen NATO – @jensstoltenberg answers question from audience at #NATOengages. #NATOSummit 1 reply 20 retweets 30 likes Reply 1 Retweet 20 Like 30 Direct message Oana Lungescu ‏ Verified account @NATOpress 3h3 hours ago More Getting ready for the opening ceremony at #NATOSummit: Allied foreign and defence ministers making their way through the agora. 0 replies 14 retweets 17 likes Reply Retweet 14 Like 17 Direct message Oana Lungescu ‏ Verified account @NATOpress 6h6 hours ago More Our #NATOSummit comes at a time when we face unprecedented security challenges as well as some serious differences between Allies. But I’m confident that at this Summit we’ll deliver – SG @jensstoltenberg 0 replies 8 retweets 15 likes Reply Retweet 8 Like 15 Direct message Fox News ‏ Verified account @FoxNews 25m25 minutes ago More .@POTUS: “We have a tremendous relationship with Germany.” 132 replies 117 retweets 358 likes Reply 132 Retweet 117 Like 358 Direct message Who to follow · Refresh · View all Trey GowdyVerified account @TGowdySC Follow Follow @TGowdySC Oprah WinfreyVerified account @Oprah Follow Follow @Oprah Ray DalioVerified account @RayDalio Follow Follow @RayDalio Find people you know Import your contacts from Gmail Connect other address books © 2018 TwitterAboutHelp CenterTermsPrivacy policyCookiesAds infoBrandBlogStatusAppsJobsMarketingBusinessesDevelopers

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