IAEA Weekly News – 7 September 2018

7 September 2018

IAEA Weekly News

Is Africa ready for nuclear energy? Find out from our article, which initially ran in the UN’s magazine on Africa, below. We also show you how irradiating fruit flies has helped Thai farmers and how researchers in Cuba use radoopharmaceuticals to diagnose cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
7 September 2018

IAEA Reviews Sudan’s Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development
6 September 2018

How Radiopharmaceuticals Help Diagnose Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease
5 September 2018

Irradiated Fruit Flies: the Secret to Protecting Thailand’s Premium Fruit Exports
4 September 2018

Radiation Underground: Measuring and Controlling Miners’ Exposure
3 September 2018

Is Africa Ready for Nuclear Energy?


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