Brian Douglas: Near Stroesti village close to Suceava city, forgotten children do their homework by candle light!

Last year I was at a clump of old dwellings near Stroesti village which is only around I guess 10km or so from Suceava City and have made several visits to these families throughout this year too. We are entering the autumn of 2018 and are în an EU member state, but for these families 10 years after Romania entered the EU nothing has changed.



Last week I again was at these forgotten families to give to the children there who are 11 în total rucksacks of back to school requesities so that they can enter again în the new autumn term with all the items required în class.



I walk into a dwelling and there is a beaten earth floor, old iron wood burning stove which is also used to cook food on and its dark în the small room aș like for all of the 5 families living în this deserted area amongst open fields there is no electricity. No gas supply either and no piped water supply.  The youngest child în these families is just 3 years old an of course innocent to the surrounding that is being raised în. With no electricity there is no TV for the children to watch, no fridge or freezer and no washing machine, thus all washing must be done by hand în a bowl.  The children who ahve good marks at school despite the conditions they endure at home do their school homework by candle or small torch light. Not ideal by any means, but the children are resilient, smile when I arrive aș parents talk openly to a police officer who accompanied me.

The children are happy at being able to go back to school after the long summer holiday they say and smile when explaining that they have freinds at school who live a few km away. The parents are  decent people, but living day to day on small social payments and în other days finding local day odd jobs to help make ends meet, though still live în hardship.

În my opinion no family should be în this situation în an EU Country and în any EU Country there should be a back up for such cases, but sadly not for these families it seems aș now is a year since I first met them and nothing has changed despite them being honorable people!

One family explained that just a few km away în fact around 1 and a half to 2km is a farm complex with electricty supply, but they cannot have a line of electricity to these 5 dwellings because of  bureaucratic regulations imposed by officials within Stroesti village a few km down the beaten earth road. Aș a result children în these families are disadvantaged by any means and deprived of a modern even basic standard of life.

Last week because of the generosity and kindness of our UK sponsors Michelle and David Bialan along with Dawn and Chris Bialan and Jessica Huddleston not forgetting all who freely donated school kits I was able to hand out all of this aid direct to children not only these forgotten families near Stroesti village but also în Suceava County and within Botosani County too and my sincere thanks go to all who supported this action.

Whilst local authorities drag their feet I am delighted to have the support of people who have never met these families offering help and support so that each of the children we visited could go back to school and be educated aș this is the way forward în my opinion to bring a new generation up who with good school results can be lifted out of poverty în time.

Author Brian Douglas.


Brian Douglas is a British born Humanitarian aid worker with over 24 hands on years of experience in Eastern Europe. Brian was awarded in 2016 a Gala Top 10 Award in Romania and in 2017 was awarded the British News Agency News247WorldPress ,,Person of the Year Award.”


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