How will Brexit affect future UK-EU transport arrangements ?


11 September 2018

The EU Internal Market Sub-Committee hears evidence from transport specialists about the impact of Brexit on future UK-EU transport arrangements.


Thursday 13 September, Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Alan Braithwaite, Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Freight and Logistics Policy Group
  • Andrew Meaney, Head of the Transport team, Oxera
  • Dr Matthew Niblett, Director, Independent Transport Commission

Possible questions

  • Beyond the more immediate concerns related to customs and capacity, what opportunities and challenges does Brexit present for the UK’s maritime sector in the medium to long term?
  • Is there a positive case for UK divergence from the ‘governance and market pillar’ of the EU’s fourth railway package?
  • What would be the implications of UK divergence from EU technical standards and interoperability requirements for rail?
  • Are there any useful precedents for EU agreements or arrangements with third countries on driver licensing and testing?

Further information


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