Age of Insecurity: Rethinking the Social Contract

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FD December 2018

As the world seeks to address the rise of populism and nationalism, it is becoming clear that economic insecurity lies at the heart of much of the discontent. The latest issue of Finance & Development magazine, produced in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Science, explores the need to rethink the social contract—including how society looks after the old, the young, the infirm, and those who have fallen on hard times—to create a greater sense of security in our globalized and fast-changing economy.


Also in this issue, we explore efforts around the world to stop criminals from laundering their trillions, how economic integration in Africa could make the continent a global player, and profile a course at Yale University where veterans of the global financial crisis pass their wisdom on to the next generation. Our “People in Economics” series profiles Harvard economist Claudia Goldin, who pioneered the study of women’s role in the economy, and our “Back to Basics” series explores universal basic income.

Read the full issue here.


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