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On the Cyber Edge of History

Legislation, strategies, policies, authorities and a spirit of cooperation across government and the international community align to meet the cyber threat.


Preparing the Defense Department for the Future, One Idea at a Time

The first column from this year’s “Incoming” writer Lt. Gen. Susan Lawrence, USA (Ret.), former chief information officer/G-6.


Future Network Defense Needs Self-Healing AI Systems

Data accuracy and integrity will be crucial to effective cybersecurity. With the escalation in automated cyber attacks, autonomous self-healing systems may be the only viable defense.


Information Warfare Requires Personalized Weaponry

Today’s information warfare does not fit the traditional war model. It comprises an unlimited number of potential combatants with hidden identities and agendas.


TRANSCOM Blazes Cyber Trail to Commercial Cloud

The command is making strides in transferring its unclassified systems and is sharing lessons learned that will make the path to cloud usage smoother for others to follow.


Architecting Cybersecurity Into Embedded Systems

Embedded systems emerge as the latest challenge to secure deployed U.S. military technologies, including those within weapons and flight controllers.


Analyzing the Viability of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity in complex systems is a significant challenge for the federal government that must be addressed in the coming years.


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