#Breaking: Suspect shot, 2 female hostages freed at UPS facility in New Jersey

The prosecutor’s office said a suspect has been shot and two female hostages have been freed at a UPS facility in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

There was no word on the suspect’s condition. The female hostages are okay, police said.

The suspect did not surrender, authorities say, but rather he was taken into custody after an apparent confrontation with police.

The prosecutor’s office says the situation is “resolved.”

Officials say there was some kind of relationship between the suspect and one of the women.

The incident was reported at 8:30 a.m. at the facility on Birchcreek Road in Logan Township.

This map shows the location of the active shooter investigation at a UPS facility in Logan Township, New Jersey on January 14, 2019.

Police officers could be seen ducking behind police vehicles outside a loading ramp shortly after the incident began.

Video from viewer Ashlee Erickson shows armed police officers swarming an office door.

An officer with a gun could also be seen was outside a loading dock door.


Viewer video of active shooter investigation at UPS facility in Logan Township, New Jersey on January 14, 2019.

Authorities stress the incident was contained at the UPS facility and all other businesses and areas within the community are secure.

Police say 32 UPS employees were transported to a nearby Holiday Inn.

Employees have said the incident apparently began with an armed man who was angry at his ex-girlfriend.

Jeff Chirico


Two Kingsway Regional SD buses transported UPS distribution center workers to a nearby Holiday Inn. An employee tells me a man angry with his ex came to the center this morning armed with a gun. @6abc

During an interview on 6abc, Erickson said: “From what I understand it was someone who did not work there that was having a confrontation with their significant other.”

Erickson said she knew something was wrong as soon as the facility was being evacuated.


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