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What does the Brexit population mean?  Isolation from the rest of the world, totalitarian control of the authorities, possible violations of human rights, fear, and what black thoughts? Brexit is not explained to everyone and is not accepted by all. It is a privilege to be a British citizen, not an obligation and life in the kingdom for the new arrivals. The history of the guide that you need to know when applying for life in the UK contains interesting details.

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The Industrial Revolution, commerce, the Dominion of the seas and oceans, the inventions crucial to mankind and the list continues.  Is the current immigration interested in these details or does it only receive the interest and opportunity of the moment?

The business environment is in a collision and competition of what kind? Is the UK vulnarrable in the face of possible financial vulnerability policy? What is the truth in this situation?  What has happened in all these years of member of the Economic Community and later of the European Union?

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Why is there no longer a political alliance with the founding countries and later with the new arrivals? Why so many beautiful words and partnership attachment from the countries of the European Union and a reaction so disrespectful to the United Kingdom of Great Britain for the decision to leave the union?

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How does it bother or who bothers to exit or remain in the European Union or such political projects?  Why is the United Kingdom of Great Britain the preferred immigration that wants something other than what they found in their countries of origin or the rest of the countries in the European Union would have offered them?

Brexit is not good for families who want a future in the United Kingdom, for the restricted and announced restrictions or other unannounced. It is extremely hard to learn so many years about free movement and tomorrow to get a restrictive wall. Social, professional, business, political and military, Brexit has different meanings and tough applicability or favorable situation, depending on which time you are strong or vulnerable.

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Now what are the next steps? What life awaits all those who are in the United Kingdom and what feelings the European Union has through its founders who have so far attacked the United Kingdom’s exit extremely harshly.

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What have all these partners learned in all these years of union? Respect, loyalty, friendship, support? Postunity, economic exploitation, prestige, I don’t understand because manipulative political feelings are against the British and not one of understanding.

This article contains observations and questions and there is no offence, denigration or any other interpretation and violation of the rights of the quoted.


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