Robert Williams: About the crisis and solutions

The crisis now experienced by the planet is understood differently from the scientists and the seriousness of the authorities to the survival of the whole society.

What is to be done now for the present and the future?  Stay in the house and save lives… you work from home… Your salary is just compensation… companies can’t resist… restrictions are uncertain as time because the possibilities are limited… Who’s the virus?

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About the present? the replies from all sides can not keep up with the need for resolution of the health, financial, social, economic, educational crisis… because politically, militarily and intelligence everyone is fine. Even one of them doesn’t have answers… who is guilty and other possible questions if it is an accidental accident or a criminal hand?

So far the statistics of the dead and the spread is to accuracy as information but as practice? … we have specialists with fear of death because no one has fought the fear of death among these professions.
What happens if soldiers are afraid of death? Are they soldiers only in peacetime?
Fear… Fear… the unexpected happened… are these the weapons you’re fighting against the coronavirus?


Robert Williams

Editor in Chief

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