Eyal Avidov: For the first time in #Israel car crash for fear of hacking

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Among other things, these are Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee from 2014 and 2015, on personal import: “Hackers can break into automotive systems through intrusion into radio and multimedia systems”

Car recalls are a matter of concern, a process that takes place every week in the world and in Israel – but recalls in which a car manufacturer declares that the car is vulnerable to attack attempts by hackers – are a rare matter. Thus, this week comes to Israel the first recall in which a car manufacturer announces to the public in Israel that there is a possibility that hackers take over the vehicle. The recall itself refers to Chrysler and Dodge vehicles,
As well as Jeep vehicles that travel on Israeli roads and are exposed to attacks by hackers.

According to the manufacturer’s announcement to the public in Israel – Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee from 2014 and 2015 (personal imports) who are traveling on Israeli roads are subject to a burglary. The break-in may occur through intrusion into the radio and multimedia systems.

According to the announcement, “The audio system has a certain vulnerability in its security that could allow unauthorized third parties to gain access to some of the vehicle’s control systems connected to the network.”

The announcement of the ability to hack into automotive systems through hackers is also valid for other Chrysler models. According to the announcement, it is also sports models that came to Israel for personal imports – Dodge, Challenger models – and also Dodge supercar, the Viper, which can reach speeds of over 280 mph in certain versions, what Which makes the risk of hackers taking over the various automotive systems even more tangible.

(Source: Calcalist)


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