Sherif Omar: The Balance of Power in The Middle East

Sherif Omar  is one of the world’s greatest terrorism experts, author of books on terrorism and a good analyst of terrorism.  Today he offers you professionals a report on terrorism reflecting the activity of terrorism. Read below excerpts from the report and invite you to download the entire report.

This Report divided into 2 main parts :
1- Arms Deals Race in the Middle East and Us-relations with Main allies {Saudi-UAE-Qatar-Kuwait }
2- Egyptian-US Relations

Arms Deals Race in the Middle East and Us-relations with Main

allies {Saudi-UAE-Qatar-Kuwait }

Middle East countries are buying weapons as we were heading for a third world
war. Various deals from the largest arms exporting countries in the world America
,Russia, England ,France & Germany including fighter jets. defense Missile
systems.Tanks … etc

According to Aude Fleurant, director of the SIPRI Arms and Military Expenditure
Program ​{Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, both party to the international
offensive in Yemen, together makes up around 28 percent of the US global arms
sale.Global arms sales witnessed an increase of 8% in 2014-18 compared to 2009-13 and
23% compared to 2004-2008. The five largest weapons exporters for a five-year period
were reported to be the US (36%), Russia (21%), France (6.8%), Germany (6.4%) and
China (5.2%), collectively accounting for almost 75% of the total volume of arms exports
in 2014-18.
The increase in arms sales to the Middle East resulted in the region accounting for 35%
of the global arms imports in 2014-18. Saudi Arabia emerged as the world’s largest arms
importer, with a 192% increase in 2014-18, and a 12% share of the total arms imports in
the world. Other Middle Eastern countries also saw massive increase in arms imports,
including Egypt (an increase of 206%), Qatar (225%), Iraq (139%) and Israel (354%),
with the notable exception of Syria, which saw a 87% fall in its arms imports. Iran,

Download and read  The Balance of Power in The Middle East-2020-00


Sherif Omar
Hostil Environment Security Cosnsulting {HESC}
 cATO Counter-Terrorism Expert&Intelligence analyst,Risk Assessments,
Certified ATO Anti Terrorism Officer } HECP LEVEL 4 / PMC / CPO / OSHA CERTIFIED

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