#Breaking: #Romania- How interlopers scroll on #Facebook: with guns, swords and knives, expensive cars and luxury villas

Cum defileaza interlopii pe Facebook: cu arme, sabii si cutite, masini scumpe si vile de lux

The interlopers are not afraid to display their wealth obtained through blackmail, camaraderie, pimping and other serious deeds. On their social media pages are photos and videos boasting of firearms, knives, swords, money, villas, expensive cars and parties with famous manelists.

Costel Cordoneanu, known as Beleaua, for example, still has a Facebook profile picture with him full of tattoos, holding a maceta.

Costel Corduneanu

Costel Corduneanu
And on Ciprian Napi’s Facebook page, the man who allegedly killed Emi Pian, there are pictures that show the opulence in which he lives. Dressed in designer clothes, next to the luxury car parked in front of the villa, Ciprian Napi shows off his wealth.
Interlop in fata vilei
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