Sherif Omar: The Lebanese Political dilemma and its relationship with Beirut Explosion

Sherif Omar  is one of the world’s greatest terrorism experts, author of books on terrorism and a good analyst of terrorism.  Today he offers you professionals a report on terrorism reflecting the activity of terrorism. Read below excerpts from the report and invite you to download the entire report.

This papers is a review of a logical, simple and realistic explanations about Lebanon Dilemma.


The Triangle Government in Lebanon
{Lebanese Representatives, Lebanese President, Prime Minister}
Map of political alliances in the New Testament
Hezbollah is the main player on the Lebanese ground.
HAZBOLLAH Hijacked Lebanon
The key password: Ammonium Nitrate???
Dangerous ammonium nitrate
Ammonium Nitrate is the preferred material for terrorist groups
Hezbollah’s relationship with ammonium nitrate
Nasrallah’s threat to Israel

Ship Puzzle

Here some questions appear that have no answers??
Who is accused of doing this work?
The Question Remains, Is the Ruling Political Class in Lebanon are the

Main Suspect in Beirut Explosions?

Download 1_updated_libanon 2020 report00


Sherif Omar
Hostil Environment Security Cosnsulting {HESC}
 cATO Counter-Terrorism Expert&Intelligence analyst,Risk Assessments,
Certified ATO Anti Terrorism Officer } HECP LEVEL 4 / PMC / CPO / OSHA CERTIFIED

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