Eyal Avidov: Israel, UAE reach historic peace deal: ‘We can make a wonderful future’

Israel, UAE reach historic peace deal: ‘We can make a wonderful future’

Cyber, security and water projects: Israelis already operating in the Emirates

Logic, IAI, Elbit, TAHAL – many companies did not wait for normalization with the UAE, and senior officials who already operating at the UAE said that the contracts provided revenues in the aggregate amount of billions of dollars

Israeli companies did not wait for a peace agreement or normalization of relations to start operating in the UAE. In recent years, Israeli companies have already conducted industries in the country in the fields of security and infrastructure. Companies executives who acting Abu Dhabi said the contracts provided fat revenues in the aggregate number of billions of dollars

Apparently, the first to start a business in the country was Matti Kochavi and the Logic company he owns. Logic provided security services for oil drilling and land borders in the country after a contract was signed in 2008 between the state government and the Swiss company AGT, which Kochavi owned. AGT transferred  the work to subcontracting at Logic, which flew dozens of workers to the Arab country, including former IDF generals. The contract ended about five years ago.

The vacuum left by Kochavi was entered by David Meidan, a former Mossad official who previously handled the field of prisoners and missing persons on behalf of the prime minister, and to some extent also the former founder and director of Aeronautics Avi Leumi. The two led several contracts of Israeli companies in the country in the fields of security and cyber.

The defense industries also did not miss old companies such as IAI and Elbit, which operated in the country to improve the F16 aircraft of the local air force. The companies even provided the state military with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of military equipment that was primarily defensive and non-offensive in the areas of radar and intelligence.

The Israeli business activity in the United Arab Emirates was not limited to security. A prominent Israeli company operating in the country is TAHAL (Water Planning for Israel), which is currently owned by the stock exchange company Kardan, which has run into difficulties. Chief of Staff and former Minister Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, (RIP) chairman of TAHAL signed deals in a country worth tens of millions of dollars.

As part of its activities, TAHAL used the products of the Netafim irrigation company, which resulted in indirect sales in the country. Although these sales are marginal for Netafim’s global revenues, they constitute the unit’s activity in the Persian Gulf so far, Indian-owned Naan Jane is already active in Abu Dhabi.

(Source: Calcalist)


Eyal Avidov-Lt. Col. (Ret.)

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