Eyal Avidov: The Israeli start-up RFISee introduces radar technology of fighter jets to vehicles

The company’s engineers were able to develop a solution based on Phased-Array technology, which is used in innovative military systems such as the F-35 fighter jet and air Defense systems against missiles, and bring the sensors to the price level of existing vehicle sensors on the market

The Israeli start-up company RFISee from Raanana, which develops long-term radar technology for the automotive industry, has unveiled four-dimensional radar on a chip, which is the first in the world in Phased-Array technology. This technology has so far been used worldwide mainly in military radar systems in aircraft and air defense systems.

RFISee’s radar operates in all weathers and is capable of detecting cars within 500 meters and pedestrians within 200 meters. RFISee radar prototypes are already being tested by leading manufacturers and suppliers of Tier-1 in the automotive industry and are designed to be priced at a level that can be installed in mass-produced vehicles.

RFISee’s leading team includes Chairman Nissim Hadas, former CEO of Elta and a global radar expert; CEO Dr. Moshe Founder, who has gained extensive experience in introducing deep-tech products to the market; Co-founder and CTO Nir Moore, an expert in radar software and imaging; The co-founder and chief scientist Prof. Eran Sohar, a global expert in CMOS RF chips and the director of business development, Dr. Yitzhak Schoenberg, managed the growth of a chip startup until it became a company with revenues of more than $ 300 million.

To date, RFISee developments have been funded by investor groups Clear Future, Drive, NextGear and the Innovation Authority. The company is planning a capital raising round designed to complete the radar product line, provide product samples to automakers and Tier-1 suppliers by the end of 2021, and establish commercial partnerships. The company currently employs ten people and recruits radar and signal processing algorithms.

Source: Globes


Eyal Avidov-Lt. Col. (Ret.)





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