Metropolitan Police: A trio of officers who displayed outstanding courage whilst protecting London have been nominated for the 2020 National Police Bravery Awards

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We are extremely proud of all three officers, who have each demonstrated just some of the amazing work officers carry out day in and day out.

PC Andrew Wienand was off duty and dressed just in his boxer shorts when he chased five armed men who were attempting to rob a jewellery store. He ran at the suspects, one of whom threw a pickaxe which narrowly missed PC Wienand, before the gang attempted to escape on mopeds. The officer suffered glass cuts during the attack but was still back at work the next day.

PC Darren Jenkins had his nose broken and head deliberately smashed against a patio in a violent assault – and yet still got up and chased the attacker until his colleagues arrived.

PC Stuart Outten suffered horrific injuries in a violent machete assault. Despite suffering six head wounds, a fractured skull, slash wounds, broken fingers and injured tendons, PC Outten deployed his Taser to subdue his attacker.

The annual awards ceremony was postponed this past summer due to the Coronavirus, but the nominees have been announced to highlight their incredible work.

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