MApN Press Release: Visit to Romania by the Secretary of the United States Naval Forces

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Visit to Romania of the Secretary of the United States Naval Forces
The Secretary of the United States Naval Forces, Kenneth J. Braithwaite, met on Wednesday, November 11, with the Minister of National Defence, Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, and the Chief of the Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Daniel Petrescu, at the headquarters of the MApN, during the US official’s visit to Romania from 11 to 12 November.
Discussions at the MApN headquarters focused on bilateral cooperation, joint Naval Forces projects, the security situation in the Black Sea region and current topics on NATO’s agenda.
The Minister of National Defence thanked the AMERICAN partner for its excellent cooperation at the level of the Naval Forces, with multinational exercises in the Black Sea region in recent years an example of good practice and military coordination to the highest standards. A special topic was the highlighting of the dynamic rhythm of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the USA, an essential element for the security of our country and the regional environment, characterized by Minister Ciucă “constantly developing and stronger than ever”.
The Chief of the Defence Staff said that among the priorities of the Romanian Army are the strengthening of cooperation in the Black Sea, the continuous rotation of US forces in Romania, and the US assistance to meet Allied capability targets. “Romania is a robust ally with major strategic relevance in the Black Sea region,” said Lieutenant General Daniel Petrescu arguing that, in the context of the sanitation crisis, the process of increasing the operational capacity of troops continued and essential endowment programmes intensified. All this was achieved in the context of the fulfilment of national commitments and the conduct of international missions.
Romanian officials expressed thanks for the United States’ efforts to support bilateral defence cooperation on several levels, in the context of efforts to develop capability and strengthen the defence and deterrence posture on the Eastern Flank of the North Atlantic Alliance.
The American official’s agenda in Romania also includes visits to Military Base 99 Deveselu, Mihail Kogălniceanu Air Base 57 and military units of the Romanian Naval Forces in Constanta.

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