Romania: Details the cause of the fire at Piatra Neamț County Hospital

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Cause of the fire at Piatra Neamț County Emergency Hospital


The Information and Public Relations Office of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice is empowered to inform the public of some clarifications on the progress of the research taking place at Piatra Neamt County Hospital, in so far as they cannot affect further research:
1. Orders have been ordered to perform the necropsy of the victims. Four of the necropsies ordered have been completed. The forensic procedure corresponds to the pathology for which the victims were treated – Covid type cases;
2. In the burned room, the place from which the fire started was established and medical devices and equipment will be erected for examination. The search of the crime scene will continue on November 16;
3. Documents have been handed over by the representatives of the Hospital, to consider whether they are responding to the problems in the investigation and to what extent it is necessary to pick up other documents;
4. The persons to be heard have been established and the hearings have begun.
In relation to the procedural acts performed in question, when circumstances permit, we will be able to provide further details.
I would point out that these activities cannot, under any circumstances, defeat the principle of the presumption of innocence.

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