#Breaking: Who is #NicolaeCiuca, the new interim prime minister? Three-star general respected in the Romanian Army, with major military missions conducted abroad

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General Nicolae Ciuca, appointed interim prime minister after Ludovic Orban resigned following the results of the parliamentary elections, is the current Defence Minister in the Orban Government.

Nicolae Ciuca is a career soldier. He graduated from the Academy of High Military Studies, Interarmfaculty Faculty, Intrunit Weapons Specialty, Bucharest (1995) and since 2003 is a doctor of military sciences, it is specified in the biography posted on the SMAp website.

General Ciuca has also completed several training and training courses, including the Course of Civil-Military Relations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Hulburt, Florida, USA (2004) or the College of War, land troops, master in Strategic Studies, USA (2006).

He was infantry battalion commander in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in Afghanistan, and later division commander and lieutenant of the Chief of the Land Forces General Staff. Since January 2015 he has been Chief of the General Staff. He was promoted to general in November 2015. At the moment it has reached three stars out of four maximum possible.

He received numerous distinctions and decorations, including the Order of Military Virtue in the rank of Knight, the National Order “For Merit” in the rank of Officer or the United Nations Medal.

In 2018, Nicolae Ciuca said he would not enter politics or accept a public office.

“I consider it so holy honor and dignity to have been Chief of the Defence Staff that, no matter what I am proposed to, I will do nothing else. Once you were Chief of the Defence Staff… It represents the greatest dignity for each of us. And I believe that this position of activity in another field should not be overshadowed in any way.

I’m not going to do politics. I will do everything in my power and will allow my future to support this institution. But not from a public office,” the gen. Ciuca for Radio Romania News.

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