SHERIF OMAR (MBA): The Muslim Brotherhood’s Terrorism Networks Inside Europe

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Europe still represent an incubator for the Muslim Brotherhood, and the group has
succeeded in establishing a network of different nationalities,
Political marriage intertwined with personal relations, and it brought together plans
and goals, its activities extended in Europe through many institutions and centers
Obtained support from Qatar and Turkey. Money and power are the basis of the
Muslim Brotherhood’s work, and this was behind the Brotherhood’s penetration in
Europe and its European institutions, through its management of economic,
commercial and social projects.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s activity expanded in many European capitals through the
strategy of secret cells. And these secret cells have become a threat to the security in

Muslim Brotherhood planning methods? How do they implement those
● The Muslim Brotherhood and its subsidiary organizations, under various
names and facades, sought to work in a new way, and to a large extent
change the old structure of the group, so that its global organization now
depends on several axes: field organization, network, clusters,
associations, mosques, educational and religious bodies, charitable and
humanitarian institutions, feminist organization and youth , Finance and
Economics includes the network, public relations, finance and
economics, independents and independent institutions.

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