Paul de Souza Founder President at Cyber Security Forum Initiative: ,,Welcome our new Administrative Officer Justina-Alexandra Sava!

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Paul de Souza
Paul de Souza• 1stFounder President at Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI.US)
Welcome our new Administrative Officer at the Cyber Security Forum Initiative !
Justina is joining our Romanian CSFI team in support of our efforts in the country of #Romania.
Justina-Alexandra Sava currently works as a Research Expert on the Romanian market at Statista, focusing on crime, law enforcement, and the economy. She has achieved her LLM in Forensics, Criminology and Law at Maastricht University, after completing her bachelor’s at the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest. Her interest in cyber crimes and cyber policies began during her Master studies by researching cyberwarfare and cybersecurity from a criminological perspective and cyber organized crimes. Additionally, during her Master’s studies, she was an intern at the Amsterdam District Court, which contributed to her research experience in European criminal law and procedure, specifically on the European Arrest Warrant in absentia proceedings.
#Romanian #cyberdefense #CSFI Daria-Romana Pop George-Alexandru Andrei Alexandru Iftimie, PhD
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