SHERIF OMAR (MBA): How Did The Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood Group Penetrated Europe

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Sherif Omar  is one of the world’s greatest terrorism experts, author of books on terrorism and a good analyst of terrorism.  Today he offers you professionals a report on terrorism reflecting the activity of terrorism. Read below excerpts from the report and invite you to download the entire report.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Europe adopts a new strategy of disguise and camouflage, by restructuring its institutions once again. Where the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe, which has been active since 1989, and includes more than 20 associations from various European countries, decided to change its name to the “Council of Muslims of Europe”. The Union is the European wing of the global Muslim Brotherhood.

In its general conference that was held from January 23 to 26, 2020 in Istanbul, representatives of the member institutions approved, with more than seventy percent of the votes, changing the name “Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe” to become the Council of Muslims of Europe.
The Union notes that the new name came in response to three important considerations:

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Sherif Omar
Hostil Environment Security Cosnsulting {HESC}
 cATO Counter-Terrorism Expert&Intelligence analyst,Risk Assessments,
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