SHERIF OMAR (MBA): Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood – The Functional Mechanisms of their Relationship

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Sherif Omar  is one of the world’s greatest terrorism experts, author of books on terrorism and a good analyst of terrorism.  Today he offers you professionals a report on terrorism reflecting the activity of terrorism. Read below excerpts from the report and invite you to download the entire report.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey: The Functional Relationship and the Mechanisms of Organization
The relations between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Turkish state started way back before the start of the “Arab Spring” revolutions, specifically when Ankara began
promoting its new ideology, adapted by Justice and Development Party (AKP), which rose from the ruins of the Welfare Party, towards the Islamic world, under the cover of
Ottoman ideology.

Turkish President and unlimited support for the Muslim Brotherhood
The relationship of Turkish President “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (the mother group) goes back to the seventies, when he was one
of the most trusted political students of “Necmettin Erbakan”, the father of Islamism in Turkey, and when “Erbakan” died in 2011, most of Muslim Brotherhood leaders attended
his funeral. Around this time, as the Arab Spring protests grew, Turkey’s support for the Brotherhood increased. Shortly after the AKP was established in 2001, Muslim
Brotherhood groups around the world gave Erdogan a leading position in the movement, due to the success of “Erdogan” and his party [1].

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Sherif Omar
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 cATO Counter-Terrorism Expert&Intelligence analyst,Risk Assessments,
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