MApN press release: Self-assessment of the activity of the Romanian Land Forces for 2020

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Self-assessment of the activity of the Romanian Land Forces for 2020

On Friday, 29 January, at the headquarters of the Land Forces General Staff (SMFT), the Land Forces Self-Assessment Session for 2020 took place in the presence of the Chief of the Defence Staff.

As part of the work, the head of the SMFT, Major General Iulian Berdila, presented how to achieve the objectives set in 2020, a year marked significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic. The most important aspects related to increasing the capacity of the headquarters in securing command and control of forces, support for the establishment of the South-East Multinational Corps Command (HQ MNC-SE), continuing efforts to develop the operational capacity of the ground forces, and, not least, resizing the training to achieve the proposed objectives, subject to the limitations imposed by the effects of the pandemic.

The Romanian Land Forces have achieved and maintain their defence capabilities in order to fulfil the specific missions and commitments made by Romania as a NATO and EU member state, while being able to ensure an adequate response to the challenges of the security environment.

The Romanian Land Forces have also made sustained efforts to support central and local authorities in managing the crisis caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

With regard to the field of land forces modernisation, the Head of the SMFT stressed the importance of modernising subordinate structures and continuing key endowment programmes and projects.

Lieutenant General Daniel Petrescu thanked the command team for their efforts to achieve the proposed objectives, appreciating the maturity of all Earth Forces personnel in addressing all the tasks and tasks entrusted. “By accurately selecting priorities and directions of action, everything you achieved in 2020 has led to the strengthening of the operational capacity of this category of forces, which has produced a realistic development in line with the vision of the Defence Staff.”

At the end of the work, Major General Iulian Berdila presented the priorities of the Land Forces General Staff for 2021: increasing the level of operationalisation and strengthening of all structures, developing their operational capacity, optimising initial and continuous training programmes, planning, organizing and conducting national and multinational exercises.

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