#Breaking: A young policeman enforces the law in #Strehaia where no one has the courage to do it

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5000 lei for an outrage?
Robert is a young policeman who was assigned after graduating from the school of police officers to the Bucharest Road Brigade. He later managed to return to his home county, Mehedinți, where he was assigned to the Strehaia road route.
Strehaia is famous since the beginning of the manele in Romania, and the “bombers” are among the most authentic, of those who “undress” you from the uniform or who tell you that they make “the hundred thousand euros per month out”. However, Robert applies the law regardless of the car’s brand, dolce&banana clothes or the “golden” watch on the driver’s hand.
This was also the case at the end of 2020 when he stopped a driver who broke a traffic rule for which he also suspended his right to drive for 30 days. The driver took the news hard, especially as he was annoyed by the “tupe” of a “snot” who has the courage to “take his license”. After reading the report the driver began to threaten the policeman: “I’ll make you, I’ll break your legs! I’m not going to threaten you, I’ll make you when I see you, when you’re out of uniform.” Unfortunately for the European citizen who has rights and does not know his obligations, this whole conversation was recorded by the politician’s bodycam.
After the criminal case was drawn up, it was obvious that no preventive measures were taken against the driver. What’s more, he tried to escape by paying a “moral injury” of 5000 lei, that’s how the lawyer taught him that he does better for the prosecutor. Robert did not take advantage of that amount, however. He redirected it on the same day to an NGO dealing with children with neurological disabilities.
Robert is part of the new generation of policemen, and not just because he is young, but because he has principles and a healthy mentality, which we so badly need in an increasingly sick society. Congratulations Robert! We’re proud of you!
#ViitorulNeApartine #NouaGeneratie

Source: Europol Union



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