#SherifOmar: The #Terrorism Concept for Political Islam Group

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Sherif Omar  is one of the world’s greatest terrorism experts, author of books on terrorism and a good analyst of terrorism.  Today he offers you professionals a report on terrorism reflecting the activity of terrorism. Read below excerpts from the report and invite you to download the entire report.

To understand the Muslim Brotherhood and political Islam groups view about terrorism, and why they do not declare a clear and public opinions in condemning terrorism.  The Muslim Brotherhood colludes to conceal and not recognize it.  How They see terrorism {for the Muslim Brotherhood & Political Islam, Terrorism is not aggressive act . It is falls under the heading of jihad In their view, the conflicts between states and nations is viewed as terrorism, and throughout history they represent the right and the response to aggression. And they do not see that the violence and murder committed by terrorist groups affiliated with Islam in all parts of the world as an act of terrorism.

Rather, they declare secretly that it is a response to the Crusader and Jewish aggression, even if it is killing civilians, defenseless women and children, or a violation of the law and the authorities in Arab and Muslim countries We will not find a single word for them condemning the acts of violence and terrorism that are taking place in the world, which most of its victims were Arabs and Muslims as well, in addition to their role in spreading terror, chaos , lawlessness, and turning several countries and states into fragile or failed states.

The fact is that the Muslim Brotherhood did not provide a clear condemnation of terrorism, nor did they make efforts to confront it. Rather, they did a lot to justify, interpret, and decorate it for the people and supporters.
The bottom line is that they are :
They view the entire conflict between states and nations as terrorism and that they have the right throughout history to respond to it as an aggression act.

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Security Advisor & Counter Terrorism Consultant

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