#Breaking: #GeorgeFloyd case in #Romania, two police officers detained in #Piteşti tragedy

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Amazing case at Pitesti, indigo with George Floyd’s in the U.S. A 63-year-old man died shortly after he was knocked to the ground and police put his feet on his head, witnesses say. It all started when the man’s place was engulfed in flames and he refused to leave. Officers who arrived at the scene forcibly removed the man and allegedly roughed him up. The man had gone into cardio-respiratory arrest and could no longer be praised by doctors.

Witness at the time when the man from Piteşti died being restrained by the police: He wanted to get up, they put even more pressure.


New information in the shocking incident in Piteşti, where a man died just as four policemen were trying to restrain him. The 63-year-old man went into cardiac arrest after being knocked to the ground and failed to respond to CPR. Prosecutors have already begun their investigation into the misconduct and manslaughter case, which they opened yesterday.

The four police officers who restrained the man, as well as their colleagues who were present at the incident, are being questioned. One of the cops told prosecutors that the man had entangled them in their mission and they just wanted to stop him, not kill him.

They will be called to hearings and witnesses. There were a lot of people in the area who filmed.

Come on, bre, get out of here!

Go, man, and sit down there! Come on, go ahead, ‘i’m not going to follow you!

Sit down! Downstairs!

This was the moment a 63-year-old man went into cardio-respiratory arrest and died at the hands of police officers. The conflict occurred when officers at Piteşti Police Station 2, who were securing the perimeter at a fire, asked the man to leave the terrace on which he was standing.

Eventually the man got up from the terrace, but did not leave the area. He continued his conflict with the police, until the youngest of the policemen knocked him to the ground in the place and tried to restrain him.

The footage shows one of the policemen violently knocking the man to the ground, face down, and three others trying to handcuff him. Moreover, it is also surprised when an agent immobilizes the man with his foot.

Vladimir Alexander, witness to the incident: “He tried to get up, they didn’t let him, they put even more pressure on him. He blackened his face, instantly. The cop’s reaction wasn’t first aid or anything, he just walked away. Lucky a SMURD crew was coming.”

Florin Popa, spokesman for the Arges Police Inspectorate: “During the intervention, the man went into cardio-respiratory arrest, for which a medical crew was requested. Unfortunately, the medical care was to no avail.”

On the man, the police found drugs for a very serious illness, which the man may have suffered from. Immediately after the intervention of the agencies, prosecutors opened a criminal case for extremely serious charges: misconduct and manslaughter.

Lucian Bode, Minister of the Interior: “For me when a man dies during an intervention it is truly a tragedy. The investigation is being taken over by a prosecutor, and I’m sure there will be light on this case. Whoever is guilty of the man’s death, no matter how he behaves, will answer. I always ask employees to intervene with calm and responsibility.”

The necropsy will determine why the 63-year-old man died.

Source:  Romanian Media


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