Secretary General previews #NATO #Summit in keynote speech

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Secretary General previews NATO Summit in keynote speech

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg previewed the 14 June NATO Summit in an online keynote address on Friday (4 June 2021), co-hosted by NATO, the German Council on Foreign Relations, and the Brookings Institution. Describing a world of growing global competition, he explained that ”through NATO 2030, we are adapting to a more competitive world,” adding that “ambitions must be high, as the challenges to our security are great.”

Mr Stoltenberg outlined a number of key decision areas for the Summit, under the NATO 2030 agenda. This includes strengthening NATO as a forum for political consultations; reinforcing collective defence through increased readiness, modernized capabilities, and more investment; and developing Alliance-wide resilience objectives to make societies less vulnerable to attack and coercion.

Click here to download footage of the NATO Secretary General’s keynote speech, as well as the Q&A session. The Q&A session video will be available for download as soon as possible. Please check regularly.

Click here for the transcript of the keynote speech.

Check out On the Agenda to find out more about the topics which Allied Leaders will discuss and decide on at the 2021 Brussels Summit.

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