#NATO Summit: Press conference by NATO Secretary General

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NATO Summit: Press conference by NATO Secretary General

NATO Heads of State and Government on Monday (14 June) agreed a set of proposals under the NATO 2030 banner, covering a range of issues, including the protection of critical infrastructure, promoting innovation, boosting partnerships, and making the fight against climate change an important task for NATO for the first time.

Click here to download the press conference by the NATO Secretary General. The questions and answers will be published as soon as possible.

Click here to download all the video footage from the NATO Summit.

The programme of the Summit, with links to transcripts, photos and audio, is available on the NATO website.

Please note that you need to be registered and logged in to the NATO Multimedia portal to download the video files.

Thematic B-ROLL

To access thematic B-ROLL, please check the “NATO by theme” tab on the Multimedia portal.

It includes B-ROLL on

and much more, including new beauty shots and drone footage of NATO HQ.

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