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17.09.2021 (15:15)In Kuzbass, motorized skirmishes of the Central Military District as part of mixed tactical groups destroyed a mock enemyThe mobile tactical group included shooters, snipers, grenade throwers, the crew of the unmanned aerial vehicle complex and sappers.
17.09.2021 (12:15)The solemn closing of the joint strategic exercise Zapad-2021 was held at the Obuz-Lesnovsky training ground in BelarusAt the end of the award ceremony, a solemn march of columns of equipment of the units that took part in the JSE Zapad-2021 took place.
17.09.2021 (11:30)After the exercise Zapad-2021, the troops of the Western Military District return to their permanent deployment pointsIn total, the servicemen will cover distances from 500 to 1500 km.
17.09.2021 (05:00)Russian peacekeepers provided security during the construction of a dirt road to a cell tower in Nagorno-KarabakhAt the moment, road workers have started removing the top layer of old soil and compacting the base of the future road for further laying a gravel cushion with the assistance of Russian peacekeepers.
16.09.2021 (19:45)More than 2.5 thousand military police servicemen took part in the Zapad-2021 exerciseHe noted that during the joint strategic exercise Zapad-2021, military police units worked out more than 140 combat training tasks, and also provided support for 128 military columns.
16.09.2021 (19:30)The International Mine Action Center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation trains foreign servicemenAll practical classes are held in specially equipped classrooms and on the grounds of the training complex.
16.09.2021 (15:15)During the exercise with the Arctic expeditionary group, six cruise missile firings were carried out in the Northern FleetThe launches of the Granit missiles were carried out by the crews of the nuclear missile cruiser Pyotr Velikiy and the nuclear submarine missile cruiser Orel. The crews of the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov and the destroyer Admiral Ushakov fired anti-ship missiles Vulkan and Moskit.
16.09.2021 (13:30)The servicemen of the WMD tank army involved in the JSE Zapad-2021 returned from the Mulino training ground to the points of permanent deploymentAfter making marches over 100 km long, motorized skirmishers, tankers, gunners, CSS specialists arrived at military units and engaged in servicing weapons and military equipment.
16.09.2021 (12:15)The crews of the Iskander-M of the WMD began to make a march to the point of permanent deployment after the successful launch of missiles at the JSE Zapad-2021Rocket men march in a combined way along federal roads and railways for a distance of more than 1000 kilometers from Nizhny Novgorod to the Kursk region.
16.09.2021 (11:45)The crews of the MTP of the Western Military District ensured the departure of the equipment involved in the JSE Zapad-2021Military traffic inspectors organized the movement of more than 100 military columns to the places of loading on railway transport, as well as along federal highways to points of permanent deployment.
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