Former top management at #Zepter, #Airone, #SorinLumina is the only successful manager and specialist in the field of healthy air industry in Romania

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Sorin Lumina’s name in the air purifier industry, in brands such as .Zepter where he built national sales networks out of nothing, is a continuous success.
Pioneers of brand building and sales such as Mc Donald’s, Coca Cola and others even if they no longer work there … these pioneers of business have left the world to consumers, workers and customers the best examples of success.


Sorin Lumina was always a brave man in business, he relied on himself and the human quality, despite a difficult period he builds what today is called General of WEST AIR GRUP

Airone it was one of the successes and the road to the success of the purifying industry that is today represented by Sorin Lumina.

The British News Agency News247WorldPress promotes the success of such people who always surprise when others give up and complain that nothing works.
Success of the entire team #SorinLumina.


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