Antohi: #JulianReichelt the former editor-in-chief of #BILD a shame for the international press

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Julian Reichelt, the newsroom leader at the German tabloid Bild, whose workplace conduct was the subject of an investigation.

Photo: Julian Reichelt

“Those who sleep with the boss get a better job”- says the german woman journalist stressed, intimidate, emotionally abused by this weird  #JulianReichelt, which in my opinion should be urgently investigated mentally.   It seems that for many years several female journalists from #BILD have been assaulted in various ways by this unscrupulous,deplorable Julian Reichelt.   After the German media reported the abuses of the editor-in-chief of BILD against women journalists, it was decided to suspend Reinchelt and conduct an internal investigation.   The internal investigation was a stupid parody and a great shame for Mathias Dopfner,CEO of BILD who missed the right decision to fire this strange Reichelt.It was only after Reichelt’s abuses were described in the American press that Mathias Dopfner appeared on German television and announced the dismissal of the editor-in-chief with serious behavior problems.I personally consider this to be the biggest mistake of Mathias Dopfner’s career.While on order of this duplicitous character Julian Reichelt ,BILD initially welcomed Syrian refugees, then turned bitterly critical of immigration. I very much hope that Julian Reichelt will not receive any money after being fired from BILD on the contrary he has to pay for the image damage created.

“If they find out that I’m having an affair with a trainee, I’ll lose my job,” the editor, Julian Reichelt, told her in November 2016, according to testimony she later gave investigators from a law firm hired by Bild’s parent company, Axel Springer, to look into the editor’s workplace behavior. I obtained a transcript through someone not directly involved. “NYTimes


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