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Press release announcing DEA’s 13th National Prescription


  Contact: DEA Public Affairs

APR 27 – (Washington, D.C.) – Last Monday’s press release announcing DEA’s 13th National Prescription Drug Take Back Day this Saturday contained an incorrect phone number for the public to call to find a collection site.  The correct number appears above.

 The public also can find a nearby collection site on DEA’s website here.  The link takes them to a database that can be searched by entering a zip code or city and state.  The more-than 5,500 sites are manned by over 4,100 of DEA’s state, local, tribal and other community partners.

 This event will go on even if the Federal Government shuts down this weekend.

 Only pills and other solids, like patches, can be brought to the collection sites—liquids, needles, or other sharps will not be accepted.  The event is free, with no questions asked.  People can bring their unwanted medicine in any number of ways, including in a baggy or in the original bottle, which can be emptied on site or thrown into the box.  No one goes through the contents of the boxes—the boxes are sealed and then burned at an EPA-approved incinerator.

The Scourge of Child Pornography Working to Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Children

Collage of Newspaper Headlines on Child Pornography

North Hills Man Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Producing Sexual Images of Minors. Melrose Man Sentenced to 60 Months for Child Pornography Offenses. Boylston Man Charged with Distributing Child Pornography. Navajo Man from Churchrock Pleads Guilty to Federal Child Sexual Abuse Charge. Vestal Man Pleads Guilty to Distributing and Receiving Child Pornography. Binghamton Man Pleads Guilty to 12 Counts of Distributing Child Pornography.

Rarely a week goes by in the United States that a child pornographer is not charged or sentenced for federal crimes related to the sexual exploitation of children. The press release headlines above from the Department of Justice were issued on a single day last month.

In coordination with local, state, federal, and international partners—both law enforcement and non-governmental organizations—the FBI devotes extensive resources to fighting the sexual exploitation of children. And while the high number of arrests and convictions speaks to law enforcement’s successes, there is still much work to be done. According to a 2016 Department of Justice report to Congress, “The expansion of the Internet has led to an explosion in the market for child pornography.”

“After you’ve been doing this awhile, you think you’ve seen it all, and then you get a new case,” said Special Agent Eric Campbell, who investigates violent crimes against children in the FBI’s Phoenix Division. “I am surprised by how often I am surprised at what people will do.”

Campbell points to one of his recent cases as an example. In February 2017, a 28-year-old Arizona woman was sentenced to more than five years in prison for mailing child pornography to her imprisoned husband. He was behind bars in Tucson awaiting trial on separate child pornography charges—for which he would eventually receive a 20-year sentence.

Some of the images the woman mailed her husband were of girls as young as 9 years old. “She was trying to sneak them into the prison,” Campbell said, “trying to give her husband what he wanted.”

The FBI coordinates its efforts to protect children through the Violent Crimes Against Children (VCAC) program. The mission is to lower the vulnerability of children to sexual exploitation, to provide a rapid and effective investigative response to such crimes, and to provide appropriate training and other resources to state and local law enforcement partners.

Investigations are conducted in each of the FBI’s 56 field offices by Child Exploitation Task Forces, which combine Bureau resources with those of other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Nearly 400 law enforcement partner organizations participate in these task forces and are assisted by FBI intelligence analysts, victim specialists, and subject matter experts. The task forces also work closely with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).

In addition, because the Internet has blurred traditional notions of borders and jurisdiction, the FBI’s legal attaché offices in more than 60 countries around the world coordinate with their foreign counterparts on investigations ranging from child sex trafficking to sex tourism.

Those who engage in the production and distribution of child pornography come from all walks of life and represent varied ages, races, occupations, and education levels. Typically, their crimes are carried out on the so-called dark web—where they can remain anonymous—and their actions are unknown to spouses, families, and associates.

“Most of these guys don’t have any criminal history,” Campbell said, “and no one has any idea of what they were doing until we catch them.” The agent said that the work he and his colleagues do is important, but also emotionally wrenching. “The payoff,” he explained, “is that you are able to uncover these perpetrators and shine a light on them, and do everything possible to make sure they are no longer able to victimize innocent children.”

“After you’ve been doing this awhile, you think you’ve seen it all, and then you get a new case.”

Eric Campbell, special agent, FBI Phoenix

Shining a Light on Child Pornography

The producers and consumers of child pornography operate in the shadows, and anonymous Internet networks such as Tor often allow them to carry out their illicit activities without fear of being unmasked and caught. Below is a glimpse of the enormity of the problem (compiled in a 2016 report to Congress by the Department of Justice called The National Strategy for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction:

  • The FBI’s analysis of one particularly egregious website on Tor found that it hosted approximately 1.3 million images depicting children subjected to violent sexual abuse. Analysis of these specific files identified at least 73 new victims previously unknown to law enforcement.
  • NCMEC estimated that more than 26 million sexual abuse images and videos were reviewed by their analysts in 2015. Additionally, NCMEC reported that since 2002, more than 10,500 victims depicted in child pornography have been located and identified by law enforcement. According to NCMEC, 4.4 million CyberTipline reports were submitted in 2015.
  • Between 2011 and 2014, researchers from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst looked at five of the most common peer to peer (P2P) networks used to trade child pornography. They estimated that three in 10,000 Internet users on these five P2P networks worldwide were sharing known child pornography in a given month. They also estimated there were 840,000 worldwide unique installations per month of P2P programs sharing child pornography, thus indicating a significant volume of new devices trading confirmed child pornography that connected to at least one of the P2P networks analyzed for the first time.
  • An FBI investigation of a single website hosted on Tor had approximately 200,000 registered users and 100,000 individuals had accessed the site during a 12-day period.

Jandarmeria Română, furnizor de bune practici pentru Garda Naţională a Ucrainei

În această săptămână, o delegaţie a Jandarmeriei Române, condusă de inspectorul general al Jandarmeriei, general de brigadă Marin ANDREIANA se află în vizită de lucru la Garda Naţională a Ucrainei (GNR), cu scopul dezvoltării relaţiilor de cooperare bilaterală dintre cele două instituţii.

Vizita este efectuată la invitaţia conducerii GNR şi are drept scop identificarea unor noi posibilităţi de cooperare instituţională, precum şi continuarea furnizării de către Jandarmeria Română a asistenţei pentru dezvoltare în domeniul siguranţei publice.

Reprezentanţii GNR şi-au exprimat în mod deosebit aprecierea privind oportunitatea de a beneficia de expertiza Jandarmeriei în ceea ce priveşte gestionarea misiunilor de ordine şi siguranţă publică şi pregătirea personalului, în acest sens aducându-se în discuţie posibilitatea detaşării unui expert în acest domeniu din cadrul Jandarmeriei, cu un mandat de 6-12 luni.

În cadrul întâlnirii oficiale, inspectorul general al Jandarmeriei a declarat: Deja există o relaţie tradiţională de cooperare între Jandarmeria Română şi Garda Naţională a Ucrainei, iar acest lucru nu poate fi decât în beneficiul ambelor părţi, dar şi al serviciului de siguranţă oferit de instituţia ucraineană. Rezultatele obţinute ne-au demonstrat  capacitatea de a fi un bun furnizor de bune practici pentru structuri străine cu statut similar, iar faptul că suntem solicitaţi în continuare nu poate decât să contribuie la dezvoltarea viitoare a relaţiilor de cooperare în mediul internaţional.

De asemenea,  în cadrul discuţiilor despre cooperare, un accent deosebit s-a pus continuarea oferirii de expertiză de către jandarmii români  în domeniul recrutării personalului, pentru formarea şi pregătirea acestuia prin cursuri şi stagii, dar şi în ceea ce priveşte profesionalizarea continuă a structurilor mobile şi îmbunătăţirea modului de acţiune în misiunile de ordine publică şi acţiuni speciale.

Anual, personalul GNR participă la cursuri de formare organizate de Jandarmerie, la exerciţiul internaţional e stat major cu forţe în teren (RoGendIntEx), precum şi la Cursul Superior Internaţional organizat la Şcoala de Aplicaţie pentru Ofiţeri a Jandarmeriei.

Informaţii suplimentare:

În anul 2016, cu ocazia Summitului FIEP (Asociaţia Forţelor de Poliţie şi Jandarmerie Europene şi Mediteraneene cu Statut Militar)  desfăşurat la Bucureşti, Ucraina, prin Garda Naţională a Ucrainei a primit statutul de membru observator, pentru o perioada de un an.

Anterior obţinerii acestui statut, GNR a făcut obiectul unei evaluării din partea unei comisii FIEP, din care a făcut parte şi Jandarmeria Română, care la acea vreme deţinea preşedinţia organizaţiei.

Totodată menţionăm că, primul protocol de cooperare dintre cele două structuri cu statut similar datează din anul 2000, până în prezent personalul GNR participând la numeroase cursuri, stagii de pregătire şi schimburi de experienţă organizate de Jandarmerie.

Începând cu anul 2014, Jandarmeria Română a derulat două proiecte (cel de-al doilea are termen de finalizare octombrie 2017) în baza cărora a devenit furnizor de asistenţă în domeniul siguranţei pentru instituţia ucraineană.

Proiectul aflat în derulare în prezent, de către Jandarmeria Română se intitulează: Sprijin pentru dezvoltarea Gărzii Naţionale din Ucrainaşi beneficiază de finanţare din bugetul destinat asistenţei pentru dezvoltare (AOD) al Ministerului Afacerilor Externe din România.


Breaking News:Update of Corey Perry Investigation

April 21, 2017

Update of Corey Perry Investigation

On March 29, 2017, the FBI announced that a Federal arrest warrant was issued for Corey Dejuan Perry on charges related to crimes against children. This warrant was issued once investigators and prosecutors gathered and analyzed sufficient evidence to obtain probable cause to make an arrest.

Following an intensive multi-state manhunt, Perry was located at a hotel near his relatives in Nashville, TN, last Friday, April 14, 2017. As FBI agents approached his hotel room, Perry shot himself and later died.

Below is the current status of the investigation:

For information about the circumstances of Perry’s death, contact the Nashville Police Department.

An FBI reward offer on April 13th for information about Perry’s whereabouts resulted in several tips from the public. We thank the public for their tips; however, Perry was located as the result of sophisticated investigative techniques. Information about these techniques will not be released.

The FBI and its partners continue to look into whether Perry received any assistance while a fugitive.

Further, the Palm Beach School District Police Department, the West Palm Beach Police Department, and the FBI continue the child pornography portion of this investigation.

So far, numerous victims have been identified. Further information about the victims to include exact numbers, ages, locations, etc., will not be released.

At this time, the FBI has no reason to believe anyone else worked with Perry in regards to the child pornography charges. It should be noted that investigators are still reviewing evidence and conducting victim/witness interviews.

The investigation of the child pornography charges includes the identification, notification, and offering of services to victims.

If any parent or guardian believes their children may have had electronic/social media contact with Perry, they are urged to contact the FBI at 754-703-2000 and preserve such devices/communications for review by investigators.

Court documents related to this investigation remain sealed. For further information, contact the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida.

No sound or interviews are being offered at this time. No further information is available at this time.

Source: FBI


Robert Williams

Editor in Chief

Breaking News: $25,000 Reward Offered in Eco-Terrorism Arson Case

April 21, 2017

$25,000 Reward Offered in Eco-Terrorism Arson Case

Seeking Information in 2003 San Diego Eco-Terror Arson Case

As we approach Earth Day 2017, the FBI is announcing a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for a series of arsons where several residential condominium complexes were destroyed in La Jolla and San Diego, California.

On August 1, 2003, at approximately 3:00 a.m., in La Jolla, California, a residential condominium complex construction site with an estimated value of $50 million was totally destroyed by fire. A large white cloth with the message “If you build it—we will build it we will burn it the elf’s are mad” was left at the scene.

In addition, on September 19, 2003, in San Diego, California, two separate new home sites were also destroyed. Four completed homes at the two sites were completely destroyed, and two others were damaged. The estimated value lost at these sites was $3 million. Multiple ELF banners, similar to the one found on August 1, 2003, were left at both fire scenes. One banner stated, “Environmental murder. Nature demands justice. The E.L.F.s are mad.”

Fortunately, no injuries occurred at the scenes of these arsons. In La Jolla, hundreds of nearby residents were evacuated.

Earth Liberation Front (ELF), a radical international environmental group which advocated direct action through economic sabotage to stop the destruction of the natural environment, claimed responsibility. The FBI has jurisdiction in this case because these crimes are considered to be acts of domestic terrorism.

The reward offer reaffirms the commitment of the FBI to bring those who participate in acts of eco-terrorism to justice.

Anyone with information regarding these crimes should contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI (225-5324). You may also submit a tip online via All information will be kept strictly confidential.

ELF SD Arson Poster
San Diego ELF Condo Arson
San Diego Condo Arson
San Diego Condo Arson Flames
Source: FBI
Robert Wiiliams
Editor in Chief

Breaking News:EuropolCybercrime ring dismantled with Europol’s support

A joint investigation by Spanish and British law enforcement authorities, coordinated by Europol and its Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce (J-CAT), has resulted in the dismantling of an international cybercrime group involved in the design, development and selling of sophisticated software tools to render all types of malicious malware  infecting thousands of computers worldwide undetectable by security products.

As a result of the investigation, 5 individuals were arrested (3 in Spain and 2 in the United Kingdom), and various premises searched in Barcelona, the Canary Islands and Liverpool. As a result of the searches in Spain, investigators seized 6 hard drives, a laptop, 2 external storage devices, 8 Bitcoin mining devices and numerous documents.

The tools developed by the crime group were used worldwide for the distribution of Remote Access Trojans and key loggers, that is, malicious software that takes full control of the victim’s computer stealing private and personal information, among others. The tools were promoted on hacking forums in exchange for payments, usually in bitcoins.

Europol has supported this complex investigation since the end of 2015 by providing information exchange, operational coordination, forensic expertise and on-the-spot support. The investigation, which had the participation of the Spanish National Police, the UK’s Regional Cyber Crime Unit for Tackling North West Serious Organised Crime (TITAN), as well as partners in the private sector, had two main phases. The first phase, carried out in the UK in April last year, led to 2 arrests. The second phase, carried out in Spain in April this year, led to 3 arrests.

To support the actions on the spot, experts from Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) were deployed to the UK and Spain. This allowed for real-time intelligence analysis and cross-checks against Europol’s databases, as well as forensic support.

Investigations revealed that the criminal group has carried out its illicit activities since mid-2013, producing substantial profits.

This type of investigations is indicative of the growing use by cybercriminals of encryption and anonymity services for illegal purposes and concealing their activities, which was also identified as a key trend by Europol’s Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) 2016.

Crime areas:
Source: Europol
Robert Williams
Editor in Chief

Breaking News: Europol and the People’s Republic of China join forces to fight transnational crime

The Vice Minister of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China, Meng Hongwei, and Europol’s Director, Rob Wainwright, signed today a strategic cooperation agreement to expand cooperation to combat cross-border criminal activities. The agreement will enable both partners to work on key areas such as migrant smuggling, cybercrime, drug trafficking, asset recovery, money laundering, organised property crime and trafficking in human beings.

The signing of the Agreement on Strategic Cooperation concludes the successful negotiations between the People’s Republic of China and Europol on how to effectively join forces to fight serious and organised crime. After entry into force of the agreement, this new level of cooperation will be important for tackling priority crime areas affecting both the European Union and China.

The agreement allows for the exchange of general strategic intelligence as well as strategic and technical information and operational information with the exception of personal data.

Additional Information
There are two types of cooperation agreement that Europol can enter into with states and other entities outside the EU: strategic and operational agreements. While both types of agreement are aimed at enhancing cooperation between Europol and the country concerned, there is one major difference: strategic agreements do not allow for the exchange of personal data whereas the operational agreements do.

Breaking News:Criminals arrested for domestic burglaries following French-Moldovan operation supported by Europol

Europol has delivered crucial support to France and Moldova in dismantling a mobile organised crime group composed of Moldovan nationals specialised in domestic burglaries in the region of Alsace, France.

Simultaneous judicial operations were carried out in 17 locations in the region of Strasbourg and in Moldova. Europol deployed specialists on-the-spot, who supported the national authorities and performed live crosschecks using the mobile office.

As a result, 4 individuals were arrested in France. In Moldova, 5 persons were taken in for hearings in relation to the activities of the group.

More than 140 construction tools and various materials used for drilling and sanding – originating from burglaries committed in the Bas-Rhin department – were discovered during the house searches in France and Moldova.

Following the arraignment, 3 people were charged and imprisoned, including the head of the network, an individual with a long criminal record in both France and Moldova.

The criminal network sold part of the stolen goods in Alsace, while the remainder was shipped by road to Moldova and sold there with the help of accomplices.

Since this investigation was initiated by the French authorities eight months ago, 52 burglaries have been formally detected in the department of Bas-Rhin.

Europol has provided significant support to the authorities since the initiation of the investigation. Two operational meetings between French and Moldovan authorities were facilitated and financed by Europol. Moreover, the agency supported the deployment of French and Moldovan investigators in each other’s jurisdictions during the action days.

Other related investigations are currently ongoing.

Crime areas:
Robert Williams
Editor in Chief

Man Wanted for Murder in Hanover Added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List

FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Baltimore Field Office Gordon B. Johnson and Tim Altomare, Chief of the Anne Arundel County Police Department, today announced the addition of a suspect wanted for the murder of his young wife in Hanover, Maryland, to the FBI’s list of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.

Fugitive Bhadreshkumar Patel marks the 514th addition to the Top Ten list. Patel is being sought for the violent murder of his wife, Palak Patel, on April 12, 2015. He should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Patel is wanted for murdering his young wife two years ago at a donut shop at 7567 Arundel Mills Boulevard in Hanover, where they both worked the night shift. Investigators believe Patel killed Palak, who was 21 at the time, in a back room just before midnight on April 12, 2015. Patel allegedly stabbed his wife multiple times and fled.

After leaving the donut shop, Patel walked across the street to the apartment he shared with his wife, retrieved a few items and some cash, and then hailed a taxi. The cab driver took him to a hotel in New Jersey near Newark Liberty International Airport. He checked in about 3 a.m. with no bags, just the clothes on his back. He checked out around 10 a.m., and took a hotel shuttle to Newark Penn Station. That’s the last anyone has seen of him.

New Top Ten Fugitive

Top Story

New Top Ten Fugitive

“The extremely violent nature of the crimes allegedly committed by Bhadreshkumar Patel earned him a place on the FBI’s Top Ten List,” said FBI Baltimore Special Agent in Charge Gordon B. Johnson. “The valuable assistance of the public cannot be overstated, as shown by the ongoing success locating fugitives placed on the Top Ten list. The ongoing efforts of our investigators, coupled with the public’s assistance, will lead to the capture of Bhadreshkumar Patel. We will never forget and will not rest until he is located, captured, and brought to justice.”

A local arrest warrant was issued in the District Court of Maryland for Anne Arundel County on April 13, 2014, and Patel was charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and using a dangerous weapon with intent to injure. A federal arrest warrant was issued in the United States District Court, District of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland, on April 20, 2015, after Patel was charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

Investigators theorize that Palak Patel wanted to return to India—their visas had expired the month before—and her husband was against the idea. Investigators also believe that Patel could be with distant relatives in the U.S. or that he could have fled to Canada to return to India. Patel has ties to New Jersey, Kentucky, Georgia, Illinois, and India.

“Palak Patel was murdered in a depraved act of domestic violence,” said Tim Altomare, Chief of the Anne Arundel County Police Department. “Numerous and overwhelming efforts have been made in attempts to locate Bhadreshkumar and none of the efforts to date have been met with success. The Anne Arundel County Police Department is extremely grateful for the close working relationship our department has with the Annapolis and Baltimore FBI Field Office. In cooperation with the FBI, the Anne Arundel County Police believe we will certainly locate Bhadreshkumar and provide justice for Palak that her family desperately seeks in order to find closure.”

Bhadreshkumar Patal is further described as follows:

  • Name: Bhadreshkumar C. Patel
  • Date of birth: May 15, 1990
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 5’9”
  • Weight: 165 pounds
  • Place of birth: Kantrodi Ta Viramgam, Gujarat, India
  • Employment: Employee of donut shop

The FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list was established in March 1950. Since then, 481 fugitives have been apprehended or located; 160 of them as a result of citizen cooperation. Since its inception, there have been 20 fugitives placed on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list from the Baltimore Field Office area of responsibility in Maryland and Delaware. Montgomery County, Maryland fugitive William Bradford Bishop remains on the FBI’s Top Ten list.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading directly to the arrest of Bhadreshkumar Patal. Anyone with information concerning Bhadreshkumar Patal should take no action themselves but should immediately call 1-800-CALL-FBI, or submit a tip online at All information can remain anonymous and confidentiality is guaranteed. Individuals calling from outside of the United States should contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.