British News Agency News247WorldPress: Make the person of the Year prize announcement Brett Johnson

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British NewsAgency News247WorldPress make the person of the Year prize announcement.

Brett Johnson


Cybercrime, Identity Theft, and Internet Security expert with more than sixteen years experience in all aspects of online and real-world criminal activity. Managed and implemented the hacking and circumventing of sophisticated financial security systems. Developed new online fraud techniques while transitioning brick and mortar crime to the digital arena. Founded two of the major online criminal syndicates in the world: CounterfeitLibrary and ShadowCrew. Helped develop and was administrator for several other major cybercrime groups, including CarderPlanet, CardersMarket, BoaFactory, DarkMarket, Mazafaka, and ScandinavianCarding.

Person of the year BRett_001

I am one of the top experts in the world on cybercrime. My knowledge is unique. My education does not come from a book, school, investigator, or commentator who has no practical experience on the subject of which they speak. I have hands on training. My knowledge is from the criminal side of things. I have an understanding of cybercrime that the vast majority of people on the planet will never possess.

Today, I use my extensive knowledge to teach people how to combat online crime. My goal as head of ShadowCrew Security Solutions is to help eliminate cybercrime through education, assistance, and deterrence.

Educating individuals, groups, and businesses on the latest cyber crimes and the methods in which they are carried out, raising awareness of the latest fraud techniques, and assisting in securing networks private and corporate against unwanted intrusions are the primary keys to defeating online criminals. AnglerPhish Security also implements various methods of proactive deterrence to help defeat cyber thieves.


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