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Brexit, Turcia, Franta si controalele la vamile Europei trebuie sa fie semne serioase de intrebare pentru Romania

Brexit- subiectul care infierbanta  mintea unora si speculatiile altora nu este deloc favorabil Romaniei. Romanii inca nu stiu ce sa spere pentru ca negocierile nu sunt usoare si se pot termina prost .

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Inca de la inceputul campaniei Brexit  nici un oficial sau guvern din Romania nu a luat in serios aceasta amenintare sociala si politica. Amanarea adevarului si  anume ca milioane de romani ar putea pune presiune pe Germania si restul tarilor din Europa este un dezastru.

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Romania si romanii nu au imaginea cea mai buna si discriminarea este des intalnita. Cu o imigratie pestrita si predominant in top trei statistica infractionala…romanii unde se vor duce?

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Franta si Olanda au fost in fierbere,  sunt sentimente puternice antiromanesti si antiimigranti chiar si in Austria. Cehia si restul nu sunt atragatoare pentru romani datorita salariilor mici si a limbii care ar putea impedica cu cel putin cativa ani integrarea in aceste societati.

Turcia- aceasta tara nu este departe cu granitele si ridica probleme de securitate cat si financiar tuturor tarilor riverane. Nici o tara din EU nu isi doreste pe teritoriul sau imigrantii musulmani si nici o tara nu a reusit sa impuna un plan viabil. Se cheltuie bani pe structuri Europene insa Turcia ramane o enigma pe termen scurt militar si politic.Romania furnizeaza energie de mult timp acestei tari insa raporturile sunt mai mult economice  decat de stabilitate.

In prezent Turcia nu prezinta garantie pentru NATO si UE chiar daca declarativ este linistitor.

Franta- nu mai este demult aliatul Romaniei. Imigratia nomanda a rromilor, infractorilor au distrus absolut orice sanse de integrare. Guvernul de la Paris si o parte din Mass Media cat si Opinia Publica au jignit Romania in intregul sau. Politica de extradare  a rromilor a aratat practic Romaniei ca are o problema de imagine si de siguranta…infractiunea si integrarea sociala a acestor categorii de oameni.

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Controalele impuse recent la vamile Europei  este un semnal serios ca lucrurile nu mai sunt comparativ cu anii de glorie ai EU. Accesul la piata muncii pentru cetatenii romani  este chestiune de cativa ani pana cand va disparea.

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Robert Williams

Editor in Chief


London: Who will you meet on Security & Counter Terror Expo 3-4 May?

For over 9 years Security & Counter Terror Expo has consistently attracted the most senior public & private sector security professionals. As an exhibitor you will meet the people making serious decisions and shaping the future of the industry.

Meet attendees from:

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

  • Police
  • Intelligence services
  • Prisons/Offender Management
  • Specialist Operations



  • EOD
  • MoD
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air

Transport & Borders

Transport & Borders

  • Aviation
  • Border
  • Rail
  • Maritime
  • Supply Chain
  • Customs
  • Public Transport



  • National
  • Local
  • Home Office
  • Cabinet Office
  • Embassies

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

  • Police
  • Ambulance
  • Fire & Rescue

Critical National Infrastructure

Critical National Infrastructure

  • Utilities
  • Water
  • Communications
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Chemicals

Private Sector

Private Sector

  • Retail
  • Finance/Banking
  • Architects
  • Hotels
  • Venues
  • Corporate
  • Insurance
  • Construction

Major Events

Major Events

  • Olympics / Major Games
  • Sports Stadia
  • Concert / Festivals
  • Political Summits

100+ Countries

In 2016 attendees came from over 100 countries. If you want to meet hard-to-reach senior attendees from across the globe then Security & Counter Terror Expo is the event for you.

Contact us to find out more information

Post-Show Report

Post-Show Report

London: The following companies will be exhibiting at Security & Counter Terror Expo 2017

  • SCTX Logo

    360 Immersive

    Stand: 2-D42
  • 3DX-Ray Ltd

    Stand: F61
  • 5 Stones intelligence

    Stand: E37

    Stand: B50
  • Abloy UK

    Stand: B65a
  • Adani Limited

    Stand: I55
  • Aerialtronics

    Stand: B80
  • Alford Technologies

    Stand: F35
  • Ansell Protective Solutions AB

    Stand: B31
  • Apex Security Furniture LTD

    Stand: E65
  • Applied Satellite Technology Systems Ltd

    Stand: L40
  • Arab Defence Journal / World Security Index

    Stand: F03
  • Area Systems UK ltd

    Stand: C61
  • ASIS International UK Chapter

    Stand: H81
  • ASL group

    Stand: G41
  • ATG Access

    Stand: E56
  • Audax Global Solutions Ltd

    Stand: L65
  • Audiotel-international

    Stand: F1
    Audiotel International is a leading global provider of Covert Audio Surveillance, Technical Counter Surveillance and Counter IED Solutions We have many years experience in the design, development and delivery of high power specialist search technology and offers a range of a …
  • Auggmed

    Stand: I40
    The aim of AUGGMED is to develop a serious game platform to enable single- and team-based training of end-users with different levels of expertise from different organisations responding to terrorist and organised crime threats. Test your skills against terrorist threats in …
  • Avon Protection

    Stand: G30
  • Axxess Identification

    Stand: D72
  • B.E.S.T Police Training

    Stand: E5
  • BAE Systems

    Stand: I32
  • Bastion Security Products

    Stand: B70
  • BenweldSecure Limited

    Stand: H70
  • Blizzard Protection Systems Ltd

    Stand: 2-A62
  • Blok N Mesh UK Ltd

    Stand: F40
  • BMS Inc

    Stand: B23
  • Border Force

    Stand: H5
  • Bradbury Group Ltd

    Stand: E61

    Stand: J80
  • Capewell Aerial Systems LLC

    Stand: F5
  • Carillion Communications

    Stand: K40
  • Cascade Protection Systems

    Stand: G81
    Cascade Protection Systems is committed to protecting lives and property from man-made and natural catastrophes through its state-of-the-art blast mitigation technologies. There have been no truly innovative developments in blast mitigation technologies in recent years, unti …
  • CBNW Magazine

    Stand: I85
  • CCM Defence and Security

    Stand: A40
  • CEA

    Stand: D84
  • Chemring Technology Solutions LTD

    Stand: E30
  • Chenega Corporation

    Stand: D22
  • Chorus Intelligence Limited

    Stand: J25
  • Chronos Technology

    Stand: E35
  • Chubb Systems LTD

    Stand: I80
  • City Security Magazine & CoLCPA

    Stand: E04
  • Cobalt Light Systems

    Stand: A20
  • Cogia Gmbh

    Stand: J20
  • Counter IED

    Stand: F7
  • Counter IED UK

    Stand: G5
    Delivering integrated solutions based on British excellence to counter the IED threat. Representing the UK’s Counter-IED supply chain and collaborating with Her Majesty’s Government, British Army and security forces, Counter-IED UK delivers integrated solutions to enable par …
  • Counter Terror Business

    Stand: L20
  • Countermeasure Systems Ltd

    Stand: D63
  • Crisis Response Journal

    Stand: J85
  • Crowded Places

    Stand: D40
  • Daniel Technologies Ltd

    Stand: D64
  • Dataminr

    Stand: F81
  • Delta Business Media

    Stand: E02
  • Detect Inc

    Stand: J83
  • Diametrex Ltd

    Stand: F80
  • Document Awareness

    Stand: D40
  • dormakaba

    Stand: J70
  • DPM Drone Division

    Stand: H30
  • DSA Detection

    Stand: G7
    DSA Detection are the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of Trace Detection consumables for Explosive Trace Detection systems and IED Simulation products. With TSA, DfT, STAC and other European organisational approvals we supply sampling media to over 600 airports glo …

    Stand: B30
  • Elistair

    Stand: D89
  • Emergency Planning Society

    Stand: 2-C42
  • Emergency Protection Limited

    Stand: G24
  • Endeavor Robotics

    Stand: D30
  • Energetics Technology Ltd

    Stand: B24
  • EPC – Groupe

    Stand: C60
  • Eskan Electronics

    Stand: H12
  • Exmesh

    Stand: G60

    Stand: F70

    Stand: c12
    Project Genesius is an initiative between law enforcement and the secure printing industry. It’s aim is to prevent the creation of counterfeit identity documents. Visit us to see a selection of genuine and counterfeit documents. Can you tell the difference? .
  • Felix Fund (EOD Warrior)

    Stand: G9
  • First Tactical

    Stand: K65
  • FLIR Systems

    Stand: E41
  • Frontier Pitts

    Stand: D65
  • G Glentos SA – Kibo Cabins

    Stand: E55
  • Galliford Try Infrastructure Security

    Stand: K51
  • Garrett Metal Detectors

    Stand: I33
  • Genalog Limited

    Stand: F60
  • Genetec Europe

    Stand: F50
  • Geoquip Worldwide

    Stand: H55
    Geoquip are a global leader in quality perimeter fence security, protecting everything from prisons to the crown jewels, we have earned a reputation for quality and innovation. Our diverse products are sold around the world. We are pioneers in the design, development and man …
  • Gibraltar

    Stand: C62
  • Gilgen Door Systems

    Stand: G71
  • Glass and Glazing Federation

    Stand: I-20
  • GMK Ltd

    Stand: C11
  • Green Light Ltd

    Stand: B67
    Green Light is a global provider of security training and consultancy services. Green Light has a versatile and highly qualified team of consultants, each one being an expert in their given speciality within the transportation safety and security arena.
  • Heald Ltd

    Stand: K55

    Stand: H60
    Heras UK Fencing Systems is a leading UK manufacturer of permanent fencing, railings and gates. We manufacture and distribute a range of permanent fencing and gate systems ideal for all housing environments, parks and playgrounds, sports facilities commercial and high securi …
  • HGV

    Stand: D40
  • HGV

    Stand: D40

    Stand: E45
  • Honda

    Stand: I30
  • Hytec Inter Co Ltd

    Stand: G85
  • ICOR Technology

    Stand: C13
  • IDscan Biometrics Limited

    Stand: D21
    IDscan reads, extracts data from and authenticates a multitude of complex documents including passports, visas, ID cards, driving licenses, utility bills and work permits. Using images captured from sophisticated passport scanners IDscan’s advanced technology fully authentic …
  • Ilasco / Keela

    Stand: C37
  • Informa

    Stand: B15
  • Information Systems Security Association

    Stand: H91
  • Institute of Explosives Engineers

    Stand: G20
  • Integrated Design Ltd

    Stand: E36
  • International Professional Security Association

    Stand: I95
  • Intersec

    Stand: E03
  • Intsec Ltd

    Stand: J32
  • ISMI Certification Ltd

    Stand: H93
  • ISS Global

    Stand: B10

    Stand: C36
  • iStorage Ltd

    Stand: J30
  • JCPX Development

    Stand: D86
  • Jolly Safety Equipment

    Stand: G35
  • JSaRC

    Stand: L60
    The Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC) is a 50-50 collaboration between the Home Office and the UK security sector. We remove barriers by better linking government and sector, allowing us to match security requirements with the best solutions, always ensuring trans …
  • K9 electronics LTD

    Stand: H16
  • Karenswood (International) Ltd

    Stand: G36
  • KBC Networks Ltd.

    Stand: L35
  • Keysight Technologies

    Stand: E80
  • Kingsley Plastics Ltd

    Stand: E71
  • LawMate

    Stand: K60
  • Lincoln Security

    Stand: C82
  • Locken UK

    Stand: F66
  • Logos Imaging LLC

    Stand: H45
  • LPCB (Bre Global)

    Stand: E70
  • LUKAS Hydraulik GmbH

    Stand: F20
  • Lyon Equipment

    Stand: F72
  • Maple Fleet Services

    Stand: H75
  • Maritime Inflatable Solutions Ltd

    Stand: L41
  • MAS Zengrange

    Stand: C70
  • Med-Eng Holdings ULC

    Stand: G25
  • MedTree

    Stand: H70
    MedTree are a specialist distributor in emergency medical supplies. Amongst our vast product range, we are now delighted to be the exclusive distributor for ACT-PAK Personal Aid Kits.  ACT-PAK’s are small, cost-effective, vacuum sealed pouches containing the items required t …

    Stand: K41
  • Metrasens

    Stand: D85
  • MIB Electronic Ltd

    Stand: G22
  • Mico Tindall Engineering

    Stand: D74
  • Microdrones Gmbh

    Stand: E81
  • Monch

    Stand: I91
  • Morgan Marine Ltd

    Stand: F71
  • Morse Watchmans

    Stand: H42
  • Nanuk Cases UK

    Stand: E40
  • National Barriers

    Stand: D40
  • National Police Chiefs Council

    Stand: D40
    To be confirmed

    Stand: D84
  • NDI Recognition Systems

    Stand: G80
  • Nexter Robotics

    Stand: A10
  • NIC Instruments Ltd

    Stand: K50
  • Nightsearcher Ltd

    Stand: E22
  • Novo DR ltd

    Stand: C35
  • Optim LLC

    Stand: C23
  • oVio Technologies, Inc.

    Stand: B20
  • PA Consulting

    Stand: L30
    PA is a consulting, technology and innovation firm. We define success as achieving exceptional results that have a lasting impact on businesses, communities and individuals worldwide. Our clients choose us because we don’t just believe in making a difference. We believe in m …
  • PDR

    Stand: G70
  • Pelco by Schneider Electric

    Stand: J65
    Pelco by Schneider Electric understands that information is critical to success, which is why we are singularly focused on the development of video surveillance and security solutions that provide you the information necessary to make real-time, business-enabling decisions.
  • Pinnacle Response Ltd

    • PITAGONE Sa-Nv

      Stand: B32
    • Project Griffin

      Stand: D40
    • PSSA: Perimeter Security Suppliers Association’

      Stand: K61
    • QinetiQ North America

      Stand: F82
    • Quantum Aviation Ltd

      Stand: G40
    • R&D Sheetmetal Ltd

      Stand: F55
    • RFA Security Services Ltd

      Stand: D34
      RFA Security Services Ltd provides a range of security services which includes Explosive Detection Dogs and Sniffer Dogs to a diverse client portfolio utilising the skills and training received by former Military and Police service personnel.  We are a highly professional, f …
    • RFID Secure Ltd

      Stand: D20
    • Rheinmetall

      Stand: E82
    • Run, Hide, Tell

      Stand: D40
    • RUSI

      Stand: H76
    • Safetell Limited

      Stand: G55
    • Safetyflex Barriers

      Stand: I36
    • Salzer GmBH

      Stand: E24
    • Scanna MSC Ltd

      Stand: D32
    • SDS Group Ltd/Vidisco

      Stand: G8
    • Securablinds

      Stand: I31
    • Securiclad

      Stand: D70
    • Security Cleared

      Stand: L30
    • Security News Desk

      Stand: E01
    • Selectaglaze Ltd

      Stand: E64
    • Senstar Ltd

      Stand: D76
    • Shephard Media

      Stand: L31
    • Silent Sentinel Limited

      Stand: F85
    • Sodexo

      Stand: N/A
    • Sodexo

      Stand: TBC
      Our positioning in the services industry is original and unique. It is what makes our brand different. In combining the diverse talents of our teams, Sodexo is the only company to integrate a complete offer of innovative services, based on over 100 professions. We have an un …
    • Soliton Systems

      Stand: J31
    • Stafford Bridge Doors Ltd

      Stand: H40
    • Strategic Agenda

      Stand: G61
    • Stratom Inc

      Stand: H14
    • Stuart J Green Digital Engineering

      Stand: I50
    • Surelock McGill Ltd

      Stand: G45
    • Tactical Electronics

      Stand: C22
    • Teledyne e2v

      Stand: E50
    • Teledyne ICM

      Stand: K71
    • Telerob Gesellschaft fur Fernhantierungstechnik mbH

      Stand: E60
    • Terrafix Ltd

      Stand: F30
    • The Aerial Academy

      Stand: C80
    • The Security Institute

      Stand: L25
    • Time Data Security LTD

      Stand: I56
      With over 25 years experience, TDS (Time Data Security) Ltd. is committed to the development of innovative, future proof secure access solutions.
    • Traka

      Stand: B65

      Stand: J81
    • University College London

      Stand: E20
    • University of Salford

      Stand: D75
    • Universtiy of Warwick

      Stand: G73
    • Uplift Drone Training LTD

      Stand: F2
    • Vessel Arrest Systems

      Stand: B1
    • Woodway Engineering LTD

      Stand: C9
    • Yuneec UK

      Stand: B40
    • Zaun

      Stand: J50
    • Zepcam

      Stand: L50

      Interesting in exhibiting?

London: Meet the professionals shaping national security 3-4 May

For nearly a decade Security & Counter Terror Expo has been the place were security professionals come to make decisions that shape national security and protect the world’s largest organisations.

It has a proven track record of delivering 1,000s of international attendees looking to secure the assets, sites and people they are tasked with protecting. These attendees come to specify the latest products and solutions and make significant procurement decisions.

10,000+ Attendees

100+ Countries Represented

800+ VIPs

350+ Exhibitors

Of attendees have direct or influence in purchasing

Of Attendees will make procurement decisions based on what they have seen

Of exhibitors rated SCTX as an excellent event

“Security & Counter Terror Expo 2016 was brilliant for us. We are a first time exhibitor and the volume of high profile people visiting our stand was exceptional. Overall, this has been a fantastic event, with exceptional visitors – we will definitely return.”  Adam Liardet, Audax

Event Brochure

Download the SCTX Event Brochure for a full overview of who you will meet and the opportunities for your business at SCTX

Exhibit at Security & Counter Terror Expo

Why Exhibit?

  • Establish your brand as a major force in the market
  • Network with and influence industry thought leaders
  • Launch new products and services on an international stage
  • Explore opportunities in other markets
  • Generate new leads & enquiries

Find out more here

Supported by the Home Office

Security & Counter Terror Expo is fully supported by the Home Office and aligned with their security strategy. Home Office

Find out more here

Become an exhibitor

2016 was our first time at Security & Counter Terror Expo. The event was recommended to me by a colleague and if the return on interest comes in this could be the best show we have ever exhibited at. It was extremely busy, so busy in fact that I had run out of business cards by lunchtime on the final day. We will be returning next year. Ed Mayne, UK Manager, Lawmate



Robert Williams

Editor in Chief

Security&Counter Terror News

  • Harper Chalice Group is pleased to announce that we are now an Employee Owned Company

  • Tactical Electronics launched its most advance line of tactical inspection cameras today at Warrior West in San Diego, CA. The new CORE Camera line features Wireless, High Definition, Digitally Encrypted Cameras and Monitors.

  • Metrasens is honoured to have won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of International Trade, the UK’s most prestigious award for business success. The company has been recognized for its work in international trade, which represents 95% of total revenues and has grown by a total of 400% over the last six years.

  • Award-winning security manufacturer, Heald Ltd, has completed the installation of its revolutionary surface mount sliding bollard solution, the HT2-Matador 3, at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre in Athens.

  • PITAGONE is a European leader in Threat Management and anti-terror, assisting its clients daily in more than ten Countries from its Brussels headquarters.



    PITAGONE presents its proprietary anti ramming-trucks mobile barriers for the first time in the UK. Specially engineered to stop trucks up to 20 Tons.


    “We serve Europe with 40 years of Israeli Anti-Terror Experience”


  • In a volatile and changing threat environment which has seen a rise in extremism and altering attack targets, it is fundamental that protective measures are used to secure both critical national infrastructure and crowded places within the public realm. The latter is a more recent target for extremists and one which is more difficult to protect against due to the sporadic nature of attacks.

  • NORTHWEST FLORIDA BEACHES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Installs drone detection & defense system

    11-Apr-2017 by:; Detect Inc

    NORTHWEST FLORIDA BEACHES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Installs drone detection & defense system

    DroneWatcher system to detect unauthorized drone activity near airport

  • The Vector Shield is a light weight, low profile, arm secured shield that provides ballistic protection to the upper body, face and neck. Designed and patented by a Special Forces Green Beret Medic and West Point Combatives Instructor, it will be showcased for the first time in the UK at the Security & Counter Terror Expo 2017 on the 3rd and 4th May at London Olympia, exclusively on the Emergency Protection Limited stand G24. Vectors are currently being used by law enforcement agencies in departments all across the United States.

  • Daniel Technologies are proudly hosting Flashbang Magazine, the publication behind “Special Units”, an exclusive photographic journey into the world’s most Elite Units at their stand D64.

  • Forcit Defence’s plastic explosive PENO, which is STANAG MIL-SPEC verified, can be transported, stored, and used operationally in extreme climate conditions without affecting malleability and texture of the substance. PENO will be demonstrated at live demo on 2 May. Apply to

  • TDS (Time Data Security) Ltd. have been working with Analog Devices with the aim of providing a comprehensive security suite to the new facility in Raheen Business Park, Co. Limerick. The system encompasses all aspect of security from controlling access, to monitoring on-site activity to accounting to individuals in the event of an emergency.

  • Two of the leading names in CCTV, video analytics, biometrics and access control have formalised their partnership at the official UK Government global security event today [7 March 2017].

    Tensor plc has signed an agreement to become EyeLynx Limited’s first official channel partner, under which EyeLynx has completed a bi-directional integration of Tensor’s security and access control solutions into its iconic SharpView video recording and management software.

  • High security perimeter systems manufacturer Zaun Limited is bolstering the ranks of approved installers for its unique super-intruder-resistant fencing.

    ArmaWeave fencing – which is unique to Zaun – is produced on the world’s largest steel loom at the company’s West Midlands manufacturing base.

    Crime & Fire Defence Systems engineers were trained in the installation of the product and have installed kilometres of the high-security woven fencing at utilities sites across the country over the last two years.

  • Airports, schools, casinos, sports stadiums, government office buildings, the national infrastructure and similar sites are all potential targets for terrorism. Among the many ways to mitigate risk an …

  • The multi-purpose steel door was tested in the highest resistance level RC6 of the European standard for forced entry resistance. The door offers additional protection against ballistic attacks (FB7), blast (EXR5 / tested with a charge of 500kg) and fire (BS 476, 120 min / T90).

  • Woodway Engineering is a family owned and run business and has been supplying the Emergency Services for the last 35 years. It is an established supplier of mast systems which are branded under the Night Owl name. These include Night Owl Classic, Night Owl Lite and our most recent product innovation, Night Owl Vision.

    The Night Owl Classic is an industry standard on many UK Fire tenders providing high intensity LED scene lighting.   Woodway is also known for its LED lighting / siren systems and supplies many Police, Fire and Ambulance authorities including London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance Service.

    The Night Owl range of products is manufactured in the United Kingdom.

  • To meet Dublin and Cork’s airports challenging security and operational requirements the DAA turned to security software leader TDS (Time Data Security) Ltd. TDS provided the DAA with the confidence for future proofing and the platform to work with a knowledge-based company to custom build a security solution to meet their unique operational and rigorous industry requirements.


  • Zaun Unveils Corrugated 10-minute Fence

    24-Mar-2017 by: Mark Triggs Zaun

    A high-security fence that resists for more than 10 minutes sustained attack with specialist power tools has been developed by steel mesh fencing manufacturer Zaun, set to be unveilled at SCTX 2017.

  • TDS (Time Data Security) Ltd. have successfully implemented an innovative enterprise security suite at the four Stryker facilities in Ireland including the leading pharmaceutical companies latest Surgical Innovation Centre in Co. Cork. The TDS Enterprise Security Suite was selected by Stryker to strengthen their security procedures and provide a more secure and safe working environment

    Robert Williams
    Editor in Chief

London: 3-4 May The education programme at Security & Counter Terror Expo offers high-level insight into current issues and how to combat new challenges.

Learn about the most critical issues facing security and counter terror professionals by attending our flagship paid-for congress or take part in one of the many free-to-attend sessions taking place on the show floor.

At the flagship conference, Internationally recognised experts will gather to debate the threats we face, define operational strategies and to help shape future policy.

This closed-door conference brings together 100s of military and homeland security professionals to explore developments in national security and the capabilities needed to protect against them.

New for 2017, the free-to-attend Security Design Conference will explore how security can become more integrated at the design stage of major projects.

For professionals tasked with protecting businesses and the assets essential for the maintenance of everyday life.

The number and sophistication of threats to our cyber infrastructure are increasing daily and ss a result cyber infrastructure needs to be secure.

Public and private sector buyers, influencers and government delegations will attend to explore how the latest technology can be matched to their current and future needs.

This zone will showcase the latest products, strategies and thinking for law enforcement and special operations teams across the world.

Hear from experts on the most critical issues facing borders and transport hubs. Meet fellow practitioners to share best practice and explore the latest capabilities for secure border and transport management.

Co-located: Ambition Conference

Hear from experts on topics such as the future of emergency services, pandemic diseases, response to terrorist attacks and resilience for businesses.

Co-located: Forensic Workshops

The Seminar & Workshop Theatre at Forensics Europe Expo will see leading forensics experts share the latest updates, exclusive case studies, and cutting-edge product demonstrations.

Register to attend

On International Day, UNESCO spotlights power of jazz to promote dialogue among cultures

30 April 2017 – Marking International Jazz Day, the United Nations cultural agency today stressed the power of jazz to unite people and its contribution to peace.

“Today, we celebrate the international art form of jazz and its power to promote dialogue among cultures, to make the most of diversity, to deepen respect for human rights and all forms of expression,” said UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Director-General Irina Bokova in her message on the Day.

Ms. Bokova quoted Nina Simone as saying that “jazz is not just music, it is a way of life, it is a way of being, a way of thinking.”

Today, we celebrate the international art form of jazz and its power to promote dialogue among cultures, to make the most of diversity, to deepen respect for human rights and all forms of expression.

“The story of jazz is written into the quest for human dignity, democracy and civil rights,” Ms. Bokova said, noting that its rhythms and variety have given strength to the struggle against all forms of discrimination and racism.

The Cuban capital of Havana is hosting this year’s celebration of International Jazz Day, reflecting the city’s profound ties to jazz. Hometown of renowned bandleaders, Mario Bauzá and Frank ‘Machito’ Grillo, the city and, more broadly, Cuba’s thriving musical culture gave birth to the Afro-Cuban jazz movement, inspired by a great mix of cultures and peoples across the region.

The celebration features an all-star global concert that displays the world’s greatest talents from Cuba, Latin America and around the world, including legendary jazz pianist and composer UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue, Herbie Hancock, and Cuban jazzman, Chucho Valdés.

Source: UN

Angola: UN agency airlifts aid to newly-arrived refugees from DR Congo

30 April 2017 – A plane carrying relief items has arrived in Luanda, Angola, to assist over 11,000 people who fled a recent surge violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the United Nations refugee agency said today.

The aircraft landed Sunday morning from Dubai, carrying 3,500 plastic sheets as well as 100 plastic rolls to provide shelter during the rainy season, 17,000 sleeping mats, 16,902 thermal fleece blankets, 8,000 mosquito nets, 3,640 kitchen sets, 8,000 jerry cans and 4,000 plastic buckets. The Office of the UN High Commissioners for Refugees (UNHCR) will be airlifting more relief items to Angola in coming days.

“Arrivals are in urgent need of life-saving assistance including food, water, shelter and medical services,” said Sharon Cooper, UNHCR Regional Representative for Southern Africa in a press release. “UNHCR is also procuring food locally to support the most vulnerable persons including children, pregnant women and elderly.”

The brutal conflict in DRC’s previously peaceful Kasai region has already displaced more than one million civilians within the country since it began in mid-2016.

The border is managed by the Angolan army. UNHCR has requested the Government to allow refugees to continue crossing the border, provide unhindered access to assist new arrivals, as well as not to return people fleeing the violence to the DRC.

Angola is currently hosting some 56,700 refugees and asylum-seekers, of whom close to 25,000 are from the DRC.

UNHCR Angola had an initial annual budget of $2.5 million to protect and assist some 46,000 people of concern. In response to the current emergency, UNHCR is appealing for a total of $5.5 million to provide immediate lifesaving assistance.

Source: UN

South Sudan: UN urges all sides to cease hostilities; regional force starts to arrive

29 April 2017 – Disturbed by the escalation of violence and subsequent suffering of civilians in South Sudan as a result of the recent government offensive, the United Nations today urged the Government and other warring parties to cease hostilities, uphold their responsibility to protect civilians.

“The renewed upsurge in fighting represents a callous and blatant disregard of the pledges made during the 25 March 2017 IGAD [Intergovernmental Authority on Development] summit to implement a ceasefire and to facilitate humanitarian access,” said a statement issued overnight by Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for the UN Secretary-General.

The statement also urged all sides to cooperate with the UN and other humanitarian actors to ensure safe access to all civilians in imminent danger along the West Bank of the River Nile.

“There can be no military solution to the crisis in South Sudan,” the statement emphasized, expressing hope that regional and international partners will join in encouraging the parties to return urgently to the negotiating table.

The United Nations remains committed to working with the African Union and IGAD to secure a peaceful resolution of the conflict, the statement added.

Meanwhile, the first elements of the Regional Protection Force of the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) have started to arrive in the country, according to a note issued today by the Mission.

The deployment of the 4,000-strong force was authorized by the UN Security Council in its Resolution 2304 (2016).

UNMISS says the force will provide protection to key facilities in the nation’s capital, Juba, and the main routes into and out of the city. It will also strengthen the security of UN protection of civilians’ sites and other UN premises.

The deployment of the force, to be staged over coming months, would free existing UNMISS peacekeepers to extend their presence to conflict-affected areas beyond Juba.

Despite the August 2015 peace agreement, South Sudan slipped back into conflict due to renewed clashes between rival forces – the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) loyal to President Salva Kiir and the SPLA in Opposition backing former First Vice-President Riek Machar.

At a Security Council meeting earlier this week, David Shearer, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and the head of UNMISS, noted that the opposition has since splintered, making it necessary for UN peacebuilding efforts to be more widely cast than previously. He reiterated the need for a political solution.

Source: UN