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Ships of the Pacific Fleet repelled air attack of the conditional enemy in course of an exercise

Crews of the Pacific Fleet ships practiced repelling air attacks of the conditional enemy and conducting missile strike at naval ranges.

Search-and-strike ship grouping of the Pacific Fleet, including the MPK-221 and Metel’ small-sized missile ships, conducted missile strike on ships of the conditional enemy.

Another ship grouping practiced repelling air strike of the conditional enemy by firing missiles and artillery guns.

The ship crews carried out missile and artillery firing against the Saman missile-targets, when they had reached the fire range. All targets have been engaged.

28.04.2017 (13:12)Admiral Grigorovich frigate of the Black Sea Fleet finished the visit to CyprusDuring the visit to the port of Limassol the ship replenished the water, food and fuel supplies while the crews had a rest in the city.
28.04.2017 (11:16)Medical detachment of the Russian Airborne troops returned from SyriaMilitary physicians provided medical assistance to more than 15,000 people in inhabited areas in the provinces of Latakia, Homs, and Hama.
28.04.2017 (09:48)District stage of the Gunsmith Master contest finished in the Eastern MDTeam of the logistic formation from Primorye has won the district stage for the second time. Specialists of the formation will take part in the all-army stage.
28.04.2017 (08:51)Servicemen of the Northern Fleet will practice repelling a terrorist attack against the headquartersThe training is aimed to improve skills of servicemen in protecting the secured zone.
28.04.2017 (02:13)Grachonok newest anti-sabotage motor boat was set afloatAfter floating out and passing docking trials, the motor boat will arrive in Kronstadt for taking running and state trials.

Russian Deputy Defence Minister Lieutenant General Alexander Fomin summed up the results of the VI Moscow Conference on International Security

Closing the VI Moscow Conference on International Security the Russian Deputy Defence Minister Lieutenant General Alexander Fomin has summed up its results.

According to Alexander Fomin, it is necessary to develop international military cooperation in order to counter global security threats.

“International terrorism creates threats for all countries all over the world. Factor of military force in international relations is raised, and it influences further development of military political situation.

In particular, he mentioned that despite different approaches to providing of security the participants of the forum had a common objective – to live in the world without wars.

The Russian party was not aimed to bring all discussions to one standard. “We are facing common challenges and threats of global security. We should counter them by joint efforts,” stressed Lieutenant General Alexander Fomin.

27.04.2017 (13:39)Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Myanmar will visit Russia this summerDeputy Defence Minister of Russia Lieutenant General Alexander Fomin at the meeting with his colleague from Myanmar said that there were good prospects of development of cooperation of two countries in military and military-technical fields.
27.04.2017 (13:31)Russian and Thailand are developing military-technical cooperation agreementDeputy Defence Minister Lieutenant General Alexander Fomin stated this at the meeting with his counterpart from Thailand Udomdej Sitabutr

Saudi Arabia wants to buy modern Russian armament

Deputy Defence Minister Lieutenant General Alexander Fomin stated this in course of his meeting with Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Lieutenant General Hamid al-Ruweili at the VI Moscow Conference on International Security.

As Alexander Fomin said, military cooperation between Russia and Saudi Arabia “has intensified within last two-three years”.

“We have been working hard for 2.5 years. We have a list of your requests in terms of possible arms procurement,” said Lieutenant General Alexander Fomin.

According to him, Russian military department in interested in progressive development of military and technical cooperation. “We look forward to continued open and trusted dialogue on all range of issues, which we are interested in,” stated Russian Deputy Defence Minister.

Source: The Russian Federation Defence Ministry


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