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Cybercrime and Identity Theft Professional Speaker / Consultant at

Brett Johnson

Former United States Most Wanted, Brett Johnson, referred to by the United States Secret Service as “The Original Internet Godfather” has been a central figure in the cyber crime world for almost 20 years.  Mr. Johnson was instrumental in developing many areas of online fraud still seen in operation today. Johnson founded and was the leader of and  Brett designed the forum system, review process, and marketplace structure still in use by today’s online criminals.  Working alongside the top cyber criminals of our time, Brett “Gollumfun” Johnson helped design, implement, and refine modern Identity Theft, ATO fraud, Card Not Present fraud, IRS Tax Fraud, and countless other social engineering attacks, breaches, and hacking operations

Considered one of the best Social Engineers in the world, the United States Secret Service promptly hired Mr. Johnson as a consultant and paid informant upon his capture in February, 2005.  Brett trained USSS Agents and other law enforcement agencies on various aspects of cyber crime and identity theft and assisted in the tracking and identification of online cyber criminals.

 While working for the Secret Service, Mr. Johnson continued to engage in cyber crimes, often from within the same United States Secret Service offices from which he worked.

Eyal Avidov- Lt. Col. (Re)

Owner, Expert    Armoring & Special Tasks Vehicles Bastion vehicles


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Governor – Manage a very large array of civilians, security forces, Military personnel and international organizations in hostile terror territory and the kingdom of uncertainty.
An Intelligence & special operations officer

Eyal is an expert with vast experience of 23 years in the automotive industry, as CEO.
He holds a BA degree in Political Science and Management. In addition, his portfolio contains also courses in Mechanics and Marketing & PR. All of the above has led Mr. Eyal Avidov to genuine familiarity with the area of Armored & HLS automotive solutions.
Eyal is a senior Manager, Business Development abilities, Operative and logistics, ability to identify potential markets and working with varied markets.
Independent unit management experience and long term project plans, management and control of the development site. Teams Management experience, ability to work around competitive markets and goals.


Comprised of former IDF senior officer with vast combat experience harnessing over 23 years of experience and knowledge within the sector enables him to deploy optimal solutions in accordance with international standards and technical requirements through unparalleled safety and smart solutions








Hostile Environment & Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Analysis , HECPO Level 4 /PMC/CPO/FPOS-I


Position : Director – Hostile Environment Security Consulting LLC

Hostile Environment Security Consulting LLC

Has a wide experience as a Consultant for Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Analysis concerning Terrorist & radical groups in {Middle East, Africa , Asia }hostile environment zones  , Deep awareness of the political and economic situations in Middle East, Africa & Asia .

,,I got that experience due to his working on the ground in many countries like Egypt, Lebanon , Syria ,Libya , UAE ,CHINA , CAMBODGIA , LAOS . SRI LANKA. MALAYESIA”

Certificated in counter terrorism, HECPO LEVEL 4 close protection, bomb threat management, safety.






Helen Edwards

Spokesperson – In the Interest of the Public, Cyber Crime AML Analyst, Advocate for Justice, Philanthropist, SAP – PM, OCM, Trainer

ACI Global Pty Ltd  Melbourne, Australia

Helen has been influential in bringing about systems, process and cultural change within some of Australia and Asia Pacific most iconic, publicly listed companies. Helen extensive investigation into cybercrime has led to uncovering global corruption in which is her primary focus is now to work with relevant global regulatory agencies to remedy. Specialties: Helen has the ability to assimilate complex information and distil the essential elements needed to produce positive outcomes. Helen most significant strengths are leadership, stakeholder management, global networking, mentoring and fostering collaboration within and between teams. Helen is an experienced Senior Change, Cutover & Project Manager with 25+ years IT/SAP/ERP Project and consulting experience. Helen has worked in various project capacities including P&PM Program Organisational Change Manager, Business Readiness Project Manager, Readiness Partner, Business & Systems Analyst, SAP functional and Training Consultant


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