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Risk Management/ Cyber Resiliency/Strategy/Botnet Monitoring/ Incident Management/ Threat Intelligence

Bio: Bob has been a speaker, moderator and expert panel participant discussing many current cyber security topics at conferences across North America and Europe.

He also sits on the Advisory Board for LexisNexis Fraud Defense Network. He can be found on the Internet:

LinkedIn: (was recognized by LinkedIn in the Top 5 Influencers in the world to follow in cybersecurity and top 1% of all influencers worldwide)

Twitter: @cybersecboardrm (Top 10 recommended to follow in #CyberSecurity #infosec)

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Who is Brett Johnson?

Called by the United States Secret Service. “The Original Internet Godfather”, Brett Johnson built and ran the first organized cybercrime community–Shadowcrew

LCole 2019-Brett Johnson8x10BW.jpg

Brett Johnson was responsible for refining modern financial cybercrime as we know it today. After being placed on the United States Most Wanted List, captured and convicted of 39 felonies, Brett promptly escaped prison. Captured again, Brett served his time, accepted responsibility, and found redemption through his loved ones and the help of the FBI.  Today he is considered a leading authority on internet crime, identity theft, and cybersecurity.  Brett speaks and consults across the planet to help protect people and organizations from the type of person he used to be.

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Eyal Avidov- Lt. Col. (Ret.),  served at the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), retired rank Lt. Col.  In 1993

He served as a senior officer  intelligence elite unit and Jabalia military governor in the Gaza Strip

After long service, he retired and keep serving at the IDF reserve forces

He is a business development character-oriented with strategic collaboration with worldwide conglomerates leading defense and automotive markets

Among his penetration activities, you could find defense HLS, military, and law-enforcement sectors including in Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, South America, India, and the USA. Business activity development in the Israeli defense sector (Ministry of Defense, IDF, Israel Police, counter-terrorism and other special units, Prime Minister’s Office, Elbit, UN, aeronautics, and others).


BASTION HLS® LTD has established itself as one of Israel’s top defense companies, with the experience and expertise to take on complex projects for nearly any type of defense related solution. Founder, Lt. Col. (Ret.) Eyal Avidov, who served in high-level, mission critical posts in the IDF, as well as in the corporate market, says of BASTION HLS® LTD:  Led sales and consulting at the defense area, recruited, highly committed distributors and dealers in Africa, the US, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Serbia, Nigeria, Ghana, India, and Singapore. Read post by Eyal


  Sherif Omar 

 Director – Hostile Environment Security Consulting {HESC}LLC

{Close Protection & Counter Terrorism Specialist }

We considered one of the first Arab security consulting firms to Provide Security Consulting to our clients by providing risk assessments , political & intelligence analysis & reports concerning hostile environments zones in the { Middle East , Africa , Asia } plus our main core to deters and Counter terrorism . We know the depth of information and we know how to clarify it. Read more post by Sherif Omar


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