Eyal Avidov: How Israel Became a World Leader in ‘Special Mission’ Intelligence Aircraft

Israel is building some of the most sophisticated special mission intelligence-gathering aircraft globally, according to Israel Aerospace Industries. The Israeli company recently announced a new contract for a $350 million … Read More

Eyal Avidov: For the first time in #Israel car crash for fear of hacking

Among other things, these are Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee from 2014 and 2015, on personal import: “Hackers can break into automotive systems through intrusion into radio and multimedia systems” … Read More

Eyal Avidov: The #MOSSAD’s Great Loot: The list of equipment brought in by the Corona crisis is revealed

Thousands of respirators, millions of N-95 masks, hundreds of millions of medications: The Mossad National Defense Force and the Ministry of Defense worked around the clock and around the world … Read More

Eyal Avidov: Researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed a serological test to detect #corona antibodies developed a serological test to detect corona antibodies and use it to test IDF soldiers

By Eyal Avidov Serological tests will be examined during a joint study by the Corps of Medicine and the University of Tel Aviv to learn about Corona morbidity in the … Read More

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