Eyal Avidov: An interview with Lt. Col. (ret.) Eitan Ben Gad-TRANGO SYSTEMS

An interview with  Lt. Col. (ret.) Eitan Ben Gad

By: Eyal Avidov- Lt. Col. (ret.)



Urban combat is becoming increasingly frequent in present-day warfare, and presents unique tactical and operational challenges:

  • The complexity of the urban environment, which is also often crowded, and offers numerous places for adversaries to hide in and attack from.
  • The presence of tunnels, used by enemy forces to stealthily move from one location to another, and to benefit from the element of surprise as they emerge to attack, and potentially, to kidnap soldiers.
  • The presence of civilians, who in many cases are also used as human shields.

“To allow combat soldiers to execute their missions under these difficult conditions, they must be trained to fight in similar environments. Thus, when they are called into battle, they will be confident in their abilities and prepared to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible, while incurring minimum casualties”, says Eitan

Trango Systems (https://www.trango-sys.com)established to upgrade the training of combat soldiers and operatives and prepare them for combat in the urban battlefield. The company draws on the extensive knowledge and hands-on experience acquired by its founders over a combined total of more than five decades, in commanding elite Israel Defense Forces combat units. To optimize target shooting and urban combat training, Trango developed three families of solutions:

  • Shooting targets – of different shapes and sizes, including targets resembling enemy combatants and innocent civilians.
  • Infrastructure for combat training in built-up areas – structures, individual houses, entire streets, shelters, tunnels.
  • True to life training accessories – such as furniture to be positioned inside houses, to more accurately simulate actual home settings.

Trango Systems’ targets, training infrastructure and, accessories are made of patent-protected Panelo, a material that is produced exclusively for the company by an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer.

Trango Systems’ Panels are derived from its distinctly unique qualities:

  • Cost-effective: Able to absorb more than 12,000 hits before requiring replacement, Long-lasting – withstands extreme weather conditions.
  • Safe: Ricochet-free, even when shooting at point-blank range.


  • Strong and sturdy, yet pliable: Easy, extremely quick construction of structures, houses, streets, shelters, tunnels, Multiple modules, to allow assembling houses of different sizes and shapes, as well as different types of furniture, Items built from Panelo can carry considerable weight Easily transportable: Lightweight and modular.
  • Eco friendly: Made of recyclable material, less waste, as targets and modules require replacement only after extensive use.


The user-friendliness of Panelo modules allows dynamic training, with the commanders in the field free to assemble a setting of their choice to support optimal training:

  • Structures can be built on-site, disassembled and rebuilt at a different site.
  • The location of openings, doors and windows in the structures’ walls are determined by the training staff, and can be changed to support training in different scenarios.
  • Houses can be furnished with various items (a variety of tables, chairs, cabinets, sofas, kitchen counters, more), which can be positioned in different places inside rooms.
  • Alleys and streets in various configurations can be easily assembled from the houses.
  • Tunnels of varying lengths, with various angles, can be quickly assembled.
  • Targets resembling enemy combatants and innocent civilians can be positioned in the houses, streets and tunnels created from the Panelo modules, to create a realistic training environment.

Trango Systems is a security solutions provider specializing in force building and combat training infrastructure. Its solutions and products were developed for use by military units and homeland security agencies. They are designed to prepare combatants to effectively and efficiently deal with present-day challenges in the battlefield, by simulating the operational setting as realistically as possible and supporting training in a wide range of scenarios, with emphasis placed on the urban environment.

Trango established by Brigadier General (ret.) Hagai Mordechai and Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Eitan Ben Gad, who have risen through the ranks in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and have filled a variety of command positions in elite combat and reconnaissance units, as well as senior positions in the IDF’s GHQ.

Brig. Gen. (ret.) Mordechai’s positions were a Division Commander with combat experience in major military campaigns, Head of the IDF Tactical Command Academy, and Head of the IDF Chief of Staff’s Bureau.

Lt. Col. (ret.) Ben Gad served as a senior commander of several elite combat and reconnaissance units, and as Chief of Operations of the Paratrooper’s Brigade and of the IDF Central Command, he was assigned overall responsibility for all shooting and sniping training and certifications in the IDF’s Counterterrorism Academy.

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